In this infinite limerence of life, dreams are turning into reality.

A dream about desire is like a glimmer of hope in the midst of the eternity.

Oh, what a lovely night it is.

Shall it not be for memory 

It is a happy spot to rest.

Across my path, the moon is shining so bright and twinkling of stars has made my heart so very light.

And, the little creatures are singing such a mellifluous song that is making hearts bound.

Eyes are window to the soul yet, the happiness of mind is continuously creating parallel thoughts.

It begins to feel like an unbreakable and inseparable connection.

Reminiscent of old memories.

Like minds to like minds ever tend

The moon stood silent in the sky yet, silently watching everything from above.

Holding hands is a promise of togetherness; forever and ever 

Their bright shining eyes hold a thousand unsaid words yet, deep inside thousand of emotions are traveling inside them.

And, the eyes of horizon captured a dance among the leaves.

Rejoicing the moment.

Yet, a song among the winds is hymning its influence and the moonlight is showering upon.

There is something in the night that binds.

Within one ethereal moment.

Deep inside the heart felt the mystic melody.

The inward eye is open now to glories.

In this infinite limerence of life, dreams are turning into reality.

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Ethereal beauty splayed through a net of glittering gem

With an ephemeral moment, quick silver gleamed with silver yet, adorned with a cradle of stars.

Revue with jewel studded stone yet, the stars and moonlight played the duet together.

And one full stringed lyre attended to happiness yet, the moonlight created the diamond sparkle.

In the twilight, the nightingale appeared and sang the lyrics composed by heart with the rhythm of life.

Sky beckoned the moon yet, the air went wild around and the universe embellished the clouds with the cradle of its stars willed by cosmic joy.

Amidst such joy the stars and moonlight performed together yet, with spellbinding performance there dance made the hearts trill and universe rejoiced the moment.

The color of emotions splattered around caused by glinting and glistening diamond yet, the tiny flaws mixed and matched with the manifestation of thoughts.

And the crystallized ray of light reflected the sevenfold yet, it got widespread in the Centaurus constellation of stars in the cosmos.

The air was scented and reflection of love like a diamond marked its presence underneath the moonlight yet, it set a life sailing on a warm ocean into ecstasy.


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When I write,

It is like I am diving deep into water.

When I am happy I am drifting down deep inside the sea

When I am full of life, my feet’s flutter across the floor yet, the frantic waves makes the view breathtaking.

Taking a dive into the calm waves of the sea touch the interim of soul.

It is like my soul is emerging into a sea poem of long ago.

Where the tranquility of water and little sea creatures ornament the world beneath the water. 

Until finally my imagination  achieves the peak of contentment and the soul experiences the freedom of expression.

stretching across to the farthest reaches of the horizon

It is unfathomable yet, fathomed by soul.

It is like taking a deep dive in the sky.

A rush of adrenaline as I adjust my feet to move towards the light that is emerging and lurking through the depth

Yet, a ray of light is illuminating the cave of little creatures.

Completely weightless and my mind is wandering.

Like a breath of fresh air yet, it blister wildly when southerlies blows.

Until I pull the cord and release the parachute; full of adventure 

Safely land on my feet

With a new idea.

It is like I am on an adventure,

Imagination in words makes the map of perpetual art yet, sometimes it’s left unmarked.

My feet fluttered across the horizon and the soul is making its way towards the possibilities.

How something that is far from the imagination of the mind comes true.

When I write, I feel myself,

It’s like fluttering my feet across the edge of the perpetual map of art.

There are too many possibilities yet, everything is marked on the map of written art.


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Manvar Resort

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Hazy and misty sky turns into bright hues reflecting an aura of colors hovering over the clouds yet, the sun shines faintly in the rain ere long,

The dew drops of rain were like the trill of strings pearl together yet, haste seen it pass that cloud of grey and dim hues.

One seems to adore the beauty of nature yet, the sky is turning into bright and blue variance of shades from the nuance of grey and dim. 

Embellished the atmosphere with the fragrance of soil yet, clouds in the sky are beholding the rainbow.

The panoramic view of the sky seems to be appearing heartwarming adorned with the view of the pretty bow in the sky.

Eyes are twinkling with such amazement yet, the birds that were like a vanishing vision has again expanded their wings to experience the perils of deep sky diving.

Nature seems to be rejoicing the beauty yet, the beauty seems to be appear for a less time than expected.

The reappearance of such amazement has given rise to a gleam of hope yet, the eyes of sunshine are wishing the lovely seven fold and soul is feeling overwhelmed.

By appearance and reappearance, the heart confines joyfully to see such beauty yet, the rainbow fades away with the rain.

Rainbow is like a colorful wedding band, from the personified beauty to the twinkling eyes, nature seems to rejoice and earth seems to blush.

The beauty appeared with such amazement like the soul has never experienced yet, wind seems to dance on the rhythm of dew drops of rain and perils of deep wide spread shades.

Breathing in the fresh dew drops of first rain and breathing out the uncertainties yet, the mind is pondering over the god’s creation.

The intricate layer of sky appears crescent yet, the mystic vision arches across the surface.

Lively ray of prism light is lurking through the sky and enchanting rainbow delights are lifting happy spirits.

From fairest creature we desire the painting in rainbow aligning upon the flora and the dew drops of rain met the sea of dreams yet, the eyes of heart are craving to see more of it.

Like the cold horizon meets ocean and the appearance of rainbow embellishes the sky.

Beneath the sky, two swans seems bow heads gracefully yet, the faint image imitates the light.

The mystical nature of rainbow reflects the shade of colors in reverse yet, everything seems to be an illusion to the eyes.

Misty and hazel sky spaces between two arcs yet, the color gets widespread in the form of magic spell.

It is such a momentary moment that gets disappeared in the blink of an eye yet, the souls rainbow fills the vessel of mind and body.

Beauty is the essence of nature yet, appears for a little while yet, the surface of cloud shines and nature brings more rainbows.

Like a peacock perched amidst rainbow and expands its wings to dance on the beats produced with each and every dew drop of rain.

Every element of nature moves in motion like to see such amazement, eyes twinkle and feet’s start twirling yet, the nature’s magical gift appears to be mystical.

It brings joy and fills the elixir of life with miracles.

Joyous sight behold and unfold the heavenly colors to the window of the soul yet, gracefully  unfolds the soul’s journey.

Life and love bestows and together they rhyme like a couplet.


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Bara Imambara, Lucknow

Bara means big, and an imambara is among the grandest building of Lucknow. It was build by Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh, in 1784. The building also includes the large Ashi mosque, the bhul-bhuliaya (The labyrinth), and Bowli, a step with running water. It is often called as an accidental architecture because it has 1024 ways to reach the terrace but only one way to come back.









A poem that elaborates love, friendship and the trials of life.

Life is an hour glass yet, it is a wondrous journey to be travelled upon.

The bond of friendship, love and the trials and complications, comes along the way.

The path is delightful yet, so long n broad;

It is a meadow full of scornful souvenir,

Life is a thing to be desired yet, certainties and uncertainties, comes along the path,

It is an inextricable connection that strengthens the bond yet, the trials of life defines it.

Like, a transparent tulle canopies with intricately embroidered flowers are created in the atelier.

It fills the journey of life with surge of happiness, love and laughter.

Life is a beautiful mystery to be lived yet, it is defined by the bond of friendship and love.

It speaks a thousand words that touch the intricate layer of the soul and reach to the infinity and beyond it.

Like, the universe is adorned with the cradle of its stars.

The never ending love fills the journey of life with enticing moments.

Life is unrivaled yet, nobody is exempt from the trials of life,

The more you emphasis on life, it gets carved into your being yet, looking deep into your soul ignites a ray of hope.

Hope is like a tiny bird who expands her wings to take a deep dive in the sky yet, the obstacle invades the mind.

Like a realm of fantasy, the peak of contentment gives rise to dreams yet, the dream of conquering the unseen, envelops the true reality.


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