The eyes in the sky gaze on the ground

As the sunrise ripples across the horizon,

We drew in the Midst of the lust and savage forest of distinct creatures.

And a magic jewel splashed from its shrine.

Mysterious and magical;



Crisply the tale behind the stolen magic jewel whispered yet, my feet stumbled upon the cobblestone path.

And the pebbles crunched beneath our feet

As we walked along the pathway 

Yet, it drew us near the main entrance to the triple gateway.



Leading to the sparkling white mountains and beneath the trees, the fireplace was giving warmth. 

Like the slight greasy luster captures the soul of a man.

The place on the top of the hills has been lent a soul.



And, entering into the eight carved marble arches bow a welcome.

Yet, the path lined with trees envelopes you.

And, once, the diamond jewel was the essence of the forest.



Countless, centuries ago the forest  was named after the finest, flawless and glittering jewel .

Before the slight luster captured the heart of a millions of people and filled their mind with greediness.



The long and broad leaves were a net to hold the ray of sunlight.

Each trunk in turn were taught the right way to sprinkle light upon the fallen leaves.

And, so for years, the forest hold it’s true essence.



Like, out of the splinters that remain and waves the direction of air.

It’s beauty remained on the remnants of the tree.

And yet again the sun like a fiery disc, slided into the horizon.


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The unveiling nature of universe is mysterious yet, full of miracles.
It’s wonderful, how can it speak right to my soul.
Beyond the power of words, it lights up my whole world.
Like the earthen lamps light up every nook and corners.
Try as I may, I could never explain.
Bright, beautiful and intriguing.
The beauty of raving thoughts.
Brings smile on my face and connects my mind to soul.
And, the sparkling eyes in the midst of the night, experiences the high frequency of happiness.
Yet, the glittering stars on the surface of white clouds fills the heart with dreams and desires.
Like the extended banks of long French loaves.
All day long, my soul looks for the connection and my mind wanders.
Like, the feet on the ground and mind in the galaxy of stars.
The Midas touch of it carries a secret message.
But, when that ray of hope, holds me near my feet flutter across the floor.
And, the bond with the universe enlightens my soul.

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In the hum of spring, voice of insects soothes the soul.
Like a pristine sound that gleans to the spring in muse.
And music as the buzz of the saw mill yet, the hum of insects is a pure bliss.
Like the reminiscence of childhood memories.
The universal music composed by the voice of insects and noise of the birds makes heart bound yet, connects us to the interim of soul.
Like an unscrupulous enemy, it crawls into the ear yet, pulls us back to the childhood days.
Though gentle in character yet, their tedious company often irritates.
And lying motionless till the inoffensive bee or wasp had flown away prevents us from getting stung yet, it’s delightful to see insects fly away.
The buzzing sound of insects soar high over the clouds yet, the rhythm of heart and the trail of blood responds to the rhythm of the sound.
Like the Noah’s ark is a place of happiness and peace.
It manifolds the aspect of the heavenly music of nature.
Bees and wasps are the noble creatures yet, they may turn out to be exasperated if anyone tries to invade their privacy.
From miles away, struck at it with a spade and roused in it a blind passion for reprisal.
Yet, align themselves with human beings.
Like the ark that escapes the deluge and fills the life with serge of happiness.
And the mind is bound to speculate yet, surrounding seems to gleam with the spring.
Yet, it seems as essentially beautiful as a thing as the noise of the sea.
Beyond the infinite limerence of any music of instruments.
The rhythm of wave, birds and bees echoes in some way.
Like the million-fold chorus of life, the magnified echo of one’s own pleasure in being alive.
Beyond the garden gate and beside the sea, the world remained in the infinite peace of childhood.
Like a note of music, everything seems to dance on the gateway to life.
Yet, the garden paths edged with box, the old dilapidated wooden seat under the tree house and an apple-tree in the long grass, all together reminds of the spring and summer days.
And a stream beyond the apple-tree and all those things that made childhood, infinitely happy.
The illusion of those days will going to last forever.
Childhood was a dream than reality yet, everything had a tale to tell.
Through the endless pleasure of watching and listening to the hum of insects and noise of birds.
The pleasure of memory is as enchanting as the hum of a musical note.
In the hum of spring, voice of insects soothes the soul.

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A flawless half moon floated in a crystal blue sky.

Extended banks of cloud like long French loaves glowed pink.

As the sun emerged to splash the distant mountain tops with rose tinted blush

Beckoning the sun, we headed towards high mountains.

From the gentle rolling hills to the vast open plain.

Across a few gazelles frown boundaries away into the void.

From nibbling the arid pastures to the Silk Road.

The plains become more stony than gravy yet, a herd of wild ass curse into view.

Far away from the palm of dust.

Plumes of dust billowed into the crisp yet, hills begin to beckoning the dust.

And the rocky wilderness seems to be tending their flocks.

The Nomad’s dark tents pitched in splendid isolation.

Like the objects look near in the mirror than they appear.

As we drew near the fresh air directed towards us.

And, the snow capped mountains gathering on the horizon yet, the river was wide and broad.

It was clogged with ice yet, the appearance of it was ornamenting the valley.

Glistening and glinting in the sunshine.

Suddenly, the trail lugged it’s bank yet, twisting with the meanders.

Hazy and cloudy sky covered the mountain top and the valley sides closed in.

Drifting away from the icy river yet, laboring through steeper slopes.

Like, the sported big rocks daubed with patches of bright orange lichen.

Beneath the surface of rocks, hunks of snow clung on.

And, the mist threw the permanent shade which blurred the vision.

Yet, the pressure from the speedy wind begin to build up.

And, letting in a breath of cold air, snorted and cleared the way.

Like a swathe of the white stuff lays and covers the surface of the path.

Veering away from the speedy wind yet, the dirt trail reappeared.

And the breath of fresh air was smoothing the abrupt path in the up-slope side.

The path was too steep to step upon.

It was encrusted with snow and begin to slither and slide forward.

Like grabbing the handful of snowflakes and fling them across the horizon.

Yet, drove towards the icy surface.

The slope was steep and stud.

Lurching from one direction to other.

Yet, the surface of the horizon was covered by the cairn of rocks.

And, the white silk scarves festooned the cairn.

In the clockwise direction, the vestige of the ocean emerged.

Beside the great continental collision, the hive of activity lifted the snowflakes downward.

Yet, the cold breeze lifted it skyward.

Venerated stretch of water, scattered the flakes of snow.

And the sun shone brilliantly in the clear blue sky.

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In the eye of the landscape,

Clouds floating in an immense sky, yet, at the foot of the mountain dwells a spirit.

In this cave, the inside is splendid, beyond anything words can convey yet, outside the painting of a landscape is embellishing the palace walls.

Beyond the beauty of such magical painting, it is deeply revealing the beauty within.

The cave is full of secrets yet, the laburnum top is quaint and pleasant.

Till the goldfinch appears with a twitching chirrup.

A suddenness with the startled mind, at the cave’s end yet, the labyrinth is embedded with such delicate realism.

The spellbinding scene is illustrating the illusionist likeness.

Like the paved path discovering the forest, high mountains and the heavenly beauty hidden behind the waterfall.

The immense flow of water is making the actual view looks like a figurative painting.

It is creating a path for the eyes to travel up and down.

Then back again, to a dawdling movement.

Slowly and gradually;

The horizontal scroll is opening the gateway to the soul.

Yet, rolling the hidden meaning behind the painting up to move on the top.

Like a missing piece of a puzzle yet, it has messed up the mind.

Suddenly everything seems to fall at a place.

And, the missing pieces of puzzle are extending the dimension of time.

It is unknown to mind yet, known to the soul.

In the known form of painting, it has travelled far with a pace of time yet, its essence will remain in the mind.

In the subconscious mind, it has created a spiritual and conceptual space yet, the wonderful old tale behind the painting is yet to be discovered.

It is not merely a painting but it is the reflection of the profound view of the universe.

Yet, it is the eye of the landscape.


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Ecstasy (A Vision)

The heart is made of the vision of ecstasy yet, the words paint a picture made by the lyrics composed by heart.

And a magic made by melody forms an aura that sinks through the splattered colors, deep in mind yet, the light shines bright in the window to my heart.

I will hold them deep in my heart.

Adorning the moment like a glimpse of the beautiful memory.

And the soul unfolds like a profound mystery of the universe yet, the silken language of the stars become the tongue to speak.

The soul lives in the palanquin of flowers made of dreams and desires yet, its glimpse forever remains in the eyes.

Like the strings pearl together

And floats forever in a sea of glistening and glimmering moments.

In the vacillation of mind the echoes of such warm waves are reaching the window to my soul

Like the fleeting desires, shooting stars and unwavering waves.

This world is beautiful with wonders, yet, its wonders are like natural light emitted by the universe.

Bright, beautiful and inviting;

Like the sky without the stars, sun without the sunshine and the moon without its moonlight is incomplete.

Under the sky full of stars, whispering and champagne.

The vision of ecstasy makes heart trill.

A glimpse of it is like escaping through the reality to reach the peak of contentment.

Like the feather is flowing in the vast sky and going beneath the infinity.

Slowly and gradually;

The universe seems to be calling and whispering magical words that are reaching the window to my soul.

Like the hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed;

I will hold them deep in my heart yet, their essence will remain forever in my mind.


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In the sea of golden, glimmering memories.

Allow yourself to dive in the moments to weave themselves.

Into the intricately crafted artwork of an artist.

Artistry looks like the brightest pearl shinning in the shade of sun.

The artwork is carved by a massive work of gold yet, the stonemason depicts the color of a metallic gold.

Leading to the tapestry of various tint and shades.

It’s color has been changed from a light olive brown to metallic gold.

Nuance to nuance;

Intertwining past, present and future yet, the visual sensation is reflecting brightness varying with the surface’s angle to the ray of sunshine.

Into soul awe inspiring intricate craving to primeval history worth reading.

To live in the limerence of moments.

To stay in the serge of memories

Let’s dive completely into the beauty of artistry.

An artwork to see and behold here.