Incandescent eyes with the long lashes 

Lips aligned with jawline as deep as Cupid’s bow 

Connecting the ridge of upper lip to nose 

And giving a perfectly formed curve to the lips

Along with smooth square forehead 

Hold up the canvas full in view 







Hair as smooth as honey dripped over 

Like a coiffure with tailored look

His barrel chest and round shoulders curving outward 

Carved with elegance and grace

From the depth of his eyes to the sublime expressions of his voice 







With a sudden pause in his expression

Drifting over his dazzling gaze 

From the corner of his lip a smile etched it’s way back to his face 

Eyes as mesmerising as the deep ocean blue yet, the flecks of light seems to be performing ballets throughout 







Innumerable petals of rose giving a deep red hue to his slowly tilted lips 

Dark as being emanates from the thread of silk like a rose from passion’s flames

Yet, born in the dawn of a dream

Like a pleasures personification 

Before the dawn the beauty in him reflected back like a silk glove 







Bound to the wisdom of his soul endlessly flowing and glowing in his prominent eyes

With his touch so soothing and fragrance so enticing 

His smooth fingers concave outward 

Soft and gentle as a feather playing with the notion of my emotions 

Yet, the tinted blush on his cheeks with hues so bright like a raspberry 

Painting an abstract 





As submerged the setting sun 

And evening with his delightful gesture

The mesmerizing memories 

‘‘Twas the morning before his departure 

Beneath the moon 

In the midst of eternal night 

The stars were shining brightly in the cloudless sky 






Then, glancing at the drifting clouds 

Behold the scenic view with fury fly

Like the wandering soul in the crisp air 

In deepest of the valleys 

And, living beyond the reach of time 

With soothing sound along the way 

like the bow of heaven 






In the sylph of spring whispered

While his piercing voice reached to soul like never before

From oceans to caverns

Has seen the night with delightful bound

Like echoes heard from swift air to dense trees 

And, the never ending saga of universal connection tranced vision raise 






To the aspiring gaze

In the pomp of evening cloud

Amidst the union of vibrating emotions

My heart got inclined with the wondrous charm of twilight 

Like a thousand varying colours play 

The moon seems to be beckoned in the cloudy canopy 






As the sun shone again in the clear blue sky

The skyline was inspiring my soul 

Like the dawn at eastern light 

Falling across the lea 

In the winding March’s appearance 

The imagination got aligned with joyous atmosphere 







To the silence deep and blissful sleep

With every hue, and every note 

Through all the varying shades 

Nature slept so pure and light 

Like the halt of discoveries 

Heard the whispers from the corner of the street 






To reach out and fulfil the need at times, of each for each 

hand in hand gliding across the horizon 

With atop pure peace 

Surfing along the waves of ocean

Like the radiant warmth draws attention 

And, swirling dance unencumbered 

As submerged the setting sun



Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors! 🎨

Happy Holi to everyone! 😊

Cloud as a creation of an artist has filled the sky with a riot of colours 

Like the rainbow of colours dashing from every nook and corner 

Amid the spring of unbounded fun and frolicsome breeze 

Yet again the day like a canvas of imagination has arrived 





With the beauty of it’s flawless artistry 

Like the reminiscence of lively memories

Ornamenting the earth with bewildering shades and transient expressions 

With ecstasy and joy 

Like a day to relish dreams and desires 





Playing with a notion of various hues and tinge 

Like rejuvenating the spirit of holi

And dancing in the flickering flames  

Swirling together to celebrate purity of fire 





As far as the eye can see 

The holi bash has begin 

And the earth is witnessing the zeal of excitement 





With tender leaves and blooming flowers 

Energy is flowing through the veins and every element of nature is rejoicing the spectrum delight 

Yet, the eyes are glancing at the lively ray of light that is lurking through the sky






And radiating the light reflecting 

Enduring love endlessly flowing 

Igniting joy’s fuse 

Leaping and jumping in the splash of vibrating colours 





Like a conqueror’s muse  

And flowing in the rhyme of it 

Diving in such elation of beauty and drifting on soundless high cloud 

In the midst of misty blue sky 




The sun is shining faintly and colouring my soul with baubles of glistening gems 

Like a marvel of colours glittering on my finger tips 

Lighting the horizon and filling the vacillation of mind with fragmented dew drops of rain





Yet, filled the elixir of life with widespread colours 

And the cloud is capturing the bird-eye view from high above 

Like the splendid tints unfolded

Like the winsome sky is whispering to a hundred hues ally   





Like a tiny wings of the butterfly

And little creatures gliding across the edge 

To see the colourful pageant 





To rejoice the moment and dwell in it forever 

It is a promise of eternal love and wisdom glowing endlessly

Beautifying the earth like a bend spectrum delights.


Painting by a Rajasthani Artist



Like a spring flower blooms 

His face rose up like a cherry blossom

With tinted blush on his cheekbones

His lively yet playful expressions 

Like a tiny bells of sapphire blue 

Tinkling in the sun 

Captured my heart like an enchanting melody



Like the daffodils opens up

He slowly yet gently came to me 

With love so sudden and sweet 

Like a thousand spring flowers bloom

His soft touch addled my mind 

And I was struck like never before 

Like a primrose’s delicate blossoms to the dew 

And the sun begin to sink in the wind



Like a fragmented spring

His mere presence brought ecstasy and joy 

And bloomed my life like a warm intermittent breeze

Like a thousand blended notes 

Filled the vacillation of my mind with pleasant thoughts 



Like the glassy peartree leaves 

Blooming and the garden bursting with peonies 

His voice echoed in my ear like the music of the soothing ode

It felt like to catch a breezy air 

Like slow movement of spring water or the first bird of the year in the breaking darkness



Like an azalea mellowing in the pink shade

Holding his hand feels like dancing emotions waltzed

Like the innumerable petals glimmers in pink 

In the moonlit night 

Yet, in the daylight the light catches the dew in the sunken meadows 

Just like the beauty of unrivalled thoughts radiates.

Image Courtesy: Instagram 



Spring now knocks the door 

As March leads forth across the leas 

How pleasing  the colour and scent of the wisteria

In broad daylight, they lift up their golden blossom to the sky 

Like a cherry blossom tree gets blended with the fresh breath of air 

The melodic spring whispers from the vale 

Of sunshine and of flowers 

Amid the aroma of romance 

I hear a wandering voice of cuckoo like a flute

And the wind is carrying it horizontally and vertically 

Flowing freely in a wild direction like a breath strikes the narrow edge

Passes like a music through my soul

Echoing in each and every corner 

From hill to hill and to river murmuring mildly 

And the twilight joyfully announces the awning of spring 

Like the spirit glorified

Filled and embellished the earth with the ripen crops in the field and buds rejuvenating 

With revelation of its light 

Sailing high, but faint and white 

And it seemed to me at most 

Like a poets song 

The crisp air is babbling to widespread nuance of colours

Thou brings unto me a tale of visionary atmosphere 

Across the lush green mountains, the old birds fly and spangles in the sun

Chirping and whistling in the morning sun

How mesmerizing the butterfly lift her veined wings and motionlessly lies

And gracefully lays on the sweet pigments of flowers 

Till the wind slides her sheer from the arch crest 

Fluttering and flittering her wings to lift them up and fly high in the crystal blue sky 

Like the queen of seasons 

Like the song-less wanderer mid the songful birds  

Like the daffodils opening up fully fruitful 

Like a rhyme of soothing ode 

Caught when the sunset its last glance imbues

With sudden grandeur, and the tree-tops high

Grasp that swift blazonry,

Then lend those tints to thee,

How mild the spring comes in 

A pleasing song so dear to me 

Dancing upon the rhythm of my soul 

Like the dancing Sakura so pink and pure with a song filled melodious spring.

Woman in wild..


Dedicated to every woman who is discovering herself,an insight to her soul,her soul is not just a soul but a fire within.

Imaginations are turning into reality

Because she decided to reveal herself

Turning impossibilities into possibilities
An artist living inside her;

Soul of a woman who is craving for love ;

And her cravings transforming her ordinary words into a beautiful poetry.

It’s not just her poetry, it’s her soul language.

She is a woman designing her life the way she wants it;

And she is also writing her own future.

She is opening herself towards a fearless side of life,

She is as courageous and as brave as Merida.

Beyond the limits of society, she is exploring the wild side,

It’s her deepest desire to make her identity in the obscure world,

Lamentable deficiency of art is something insists her to seek great perhaps.

It’s a faithful words of a woman searching for an existence of poetry,

She has evinced an extent of zeal and looking forward to revealing herself,

Yet so far, her soul has become bounty of traveling to uncertainties,

And soon, the soul of a woman, an artist living inside her, and a poet in a world of poetry would soon turn imaginations into a reality..



Eyes which hold the deepest of oceans 

shimmering cosmic buoyancy

Like floating in a turquoise sea 

Sometimes like a gentle caress 

Moving along the whistling breeze 

and sunlit drops dancing upon the horizon 

Where the sand gets complied under the feet 

Yet, the beauty remains still



Sometimes like a deepest of caverns 

pondering upon such sweet scented ease 

Whilst daffodils are dancing upon the breeze 

Like the incarnation of emotions 

A gentle caress from the deep blue 

Yet, the cosmic buoyancy is revealing the magic of its shimmering tide 

Like the passion’s rhythm gets synchronized 



Eyes gazing upon the aspect of two-fold life 

Yet, intuitions running deep in mind 

On the French coast the moonlight is glimmering and glittering out in the tranquil bay 

Like, the reverberation of sea sets the pebble apart yet, the waves draw them back and fling 

Getting swept by the drifting waves of the ocean 



Sometimes like a melodic spring 

The bottom of the skyline is changing its colour from periwinkle nuance to azure 

Like a leafy arbor 

Weary of the open sky

And the small creatures are gliding across the edge

Like the fragrance reveals its secret to the breeze.