Crawling from the ground; Beautiful butterfly springs. Wings ablaze — fly fly.
It all begins and ends with you

Her whimsical fierce eyes

Reaps out the shadow of grim reaper

by carving out every breath of air that fills the lungs with healing lavender fragrance

Wrapping the firm fingers around the silk ribbon embroidered

Embellished with a Bulgarian pearls

And her wittiness is a delight

The glow on her face is filled with passion and love takes off into a third realm

Like a thousand splendid suns

Picking up the fragrant stimulation oozing from the core of her soul like inhaling the sip of warm flavour

Triggering the silence of a morning breeze

Like the curious tiny stars are gazing from afar

And, the moon swinging his scythe splitting the moon back and forth

Sometimes her capricious mind takes her away from the chaos

Sometimes, it makes her spin in circles

Beyond where the horizon meets and the spirit flies

Staring out at the moonlit skies

Joining alliance with her heart and mind

Together she takes the world

Woman in wild..


Dedicated to every woman who is discovering herself,an insight to her soul,her soul is not just a soul but a fire within.

Imaginations are turning into reality

Because she decided to reveal herself

Turning impossibilities into possibilities
An artist living inside her;

Soul of a woman who is craving for love ;

And her cravings transforming her ordinary words into a beautiful poetry.

It’s not just her poetry, it’s her soul language.

She is a woman designing her life the way she wants it;

And she is also writing her own future.

She is opening herself towards a fearless side of life,

She is as courageous and as brave as Merida.

Beyond the limits of society, she is exploring the wild side,

It’s her deepest desire to make her identity in the obscure world,

Lamentable deficiency of art is something insists her to seek great perhaps.

It’s a faithful words of a woman searching for an existence of poetry,

She has evinced an extent of zeal and looking forward to revealing herself,

Yet so far, her soul has become bounty of traveling to uncertainties,

And soon, the soul of a woman, an artist living inside her, and a poet in a world of poetry would soon turn imaginations into a reality..




She is a quintessence of beauty 

The beauty she possess

It radiates with every step she takes 

And her eyes are glimmering and shimmering with fantasy like a phantom of delight

Like a flower of imagination that blooms inside her mind 

Yet, her weary face with those eyes full of life 

Revealing a night sky with constellations to find 



She is a strong headed woman

Her heart reflects that gleam in her eyes

To find the perfect rhyme of her heart and mind 

She often find herself dancing in the air and reaching out to moon.

Yet, she does not reveal her mellow fantasy 

Just like a depth of the ocean

She find herself lost in the infinite possibilities 



She is a vibrating ball of emotional chaos 

Yet, she is light and airy like a sparkling wine 

Just like water constantly expands 

The surroundings seemed to gleam in her appearance. 

Like an echo makes a shadow dance 

Her huge dripping heart and frenetic personality makes her unique 

Just the way she is 



She is a never ending saga of wistful wisdom and divinity 

She moves so lightly and cares so deeply 

Just like a string of violin 

Leaping and twirling amidst the stars 

And turning down the destiny in her favour 

Her soul takes a vivid shape of unknown galaxy 

Or like a fallen star 



She is an imaginary of a clear sky 

With her unfurled wings, she carries sacred touch of infinite stars 

Yet, she has a tendency to not reveal everything at once 

Like a thousand galaxies in the universe 

Her soul is made up of the thousand clustered stars 



She is an intriguing mirage  

And, belongs to starry nights and glistening lights 

Sometimes she swims in rhythm, sometimes she dives herself in the epic fantasy 

Yet, she knows everything around her 

Like a breezy mountain and meadow full of flowers 

Her moments of revelation gives the pleasure of knowing her worthwhile 



She is a mysterious creature 

She will change completely in a fraction of seconds 

From opening the ripples of her heart to growing strange sparkly wings 

To take flight into a whirling gust of wind 

Like the colours in the sky begin to grew darker during dusk 

She embarks her journey 

Spread her wings wide open and breath in the crisp mountain air 

She is truly a work of art and the quintessence of beauty 

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Where soul meets


Dedicated to all the girls who are entering into the new phase of their life..

A woman and her moment 

Her innocence was flowing in the most purest form of divinity 

While, she was choosing a perfect attire for her wedding

Suddenly, a thought of him made her spellbound 

Her mesmerizing beauty was flowing

When she wore the satin piece of clothing 

It was adding beauty to her soul 

Her overwhelming thoughts were flowing through her veins.

Travelling to momentary moments 

Added a blaze of magic to her little world 

Arrival of wedding knots tinged the wedding bells, 

Like a melody in Tristan 

As she walks the aisle in beauty, like the night 

Of dazzling clouds and starry skies

Somewhere in the vast imagination of her mind 

She is dreaming a fairytale wedding and to live happily ever after is her only desire 

With a sprinkle of faith and in abundance of hope 

She is tying the knot of understanding and love 

Yet, it goes a long, long way.

The love that she carries in her heart can not be measured 

It joins you as one, not just with a ring 

But a future together and ever after 

Her only wish is to keep the love alive and make it last.

She has been waiting for this moment so long 

To take the vows and say, “will you be mine?”

She is pursuing the solitary pathways through the twilit meadows and her innocence is flowing in the most purest form of divinity.

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