Peak of admiration


Soft tantalizing petals
Of the perfect flower
Giving peace and calmness
Over life’s ongoing bewilderedness
Hope brings a mind’s eye
Visions of love’s heart
Talks of simple past
Greater than perfection
Living an unpredictable
By Russell Sivey


Silence is the imagery of lea full of flowers yet a metaphor of joyous mind and a peak of admiration.
With mead eyes comes laced and lucid meadow seeds with uncensored keen,
Pathway with wide and broad corridors and untold peace leading into the heartland of serenity.

Weaving in and weaving out to a graceful place and a tranquil mind,
Like perfectly formed webbed and weaved flickering morning dew drops,
Faint ray of sunlight is flourishing the sky and the light is reflecting the serene rays through the branches and cascading the meadow full of flowers,

Horizon of the skyline and earth is meeting the charismatic eyes and colors mixing and meshing with the different nuance of flowers in the Lea.
Carrying the fragrance of flowers wind is flowing in the direction of universal leaf and silent meadow voices are composing a melody filled with sweetness and peacefulness.

Crackling and curling up with the speed of wind, flowery scents are spreading their magic in the air.
Flickering and bursting into small components of varieties of fragrance, they are wide spreading in the nature and it is rejoicing the moment.

Bird singing adding extra joy to the surface of sky and beneath the surface of ground is glittering and glimmering with the magic spree.
Wandering in the lea shadows are overpowering but cloaked in the orange ray of light coming directly from sky and touching the feet of ground.

Illusion of mind yet darkness is vanishing from the earth and adding fresh dew drops of flowery scent.
Gleaming and dazzling with a soft velvety petals and dancing with the rejoiced moments of dragon flies.
Brindled and brimming with a soft glance of human touch yet blooming in sunlight.

Formed strings of rainbow are ornamenting the surface of sky and making birds relieved yet the air is spreading the fragrance of moistened earth.
Gloominess is vanishing and butterflies are hovering over and welcoming the spring and positive vibes are pouring bright colors on the surface of ground.

Pearls are slipping from the chain of string and in that moment they are producing a sweet melody and slipping off from the hand like a raindrops.
Old memories are floating back and feet’s are dancing on the rejoiced moment of nature and finger trails are feeling the soft and gentle touch of velvety petals.

Each and every element of nature is playing on the harp of magic particles and melodies creating a lovely prelude.
Silk petals are borrowing the sun kisses and shimmering with the raindrops.
Hearts are feeling love in the form of moist fragrance composed by soil and water from the fresh dew drops of rain yet beneath the feet, soft petals are blessing the feet.

Pick them up and keep them close to your heart.
It’s time of renewal and fleeting nature of heart is changing the nuance from red to flickering white and a faint ray of hope is connecting the strings.
Cherry blossom love is fleshing up and sun streaks are glinting over the eyes.

Slipped pearls and dew drops of rain are glittering like a crystal,
Sheen of mind is opening up the horizon of heart strings and fabricating the deepest heart cravings yet molding and etching the utmost desires.
Unveiling the eclipse of serenity and purification of thoughts.

Filling the world with tranquil voices and laughter.
Shedding the vision and mission of captive cataracts and enchanting beauty shunning the dark clouds.
Reflection of true beauty is flourishing and guiding the surface of earth and cool breeze to feel the magic.

Buckling up with the inner self and resonating the reverence.
Mind got wrapped up and caught in a wonderful fantasy and flowery scents are making difficult to escape.
Dreams are turning into reality of wandering mind and surrounding with the tranquility of desires.

The last longing love and sun kissed flowers are wide spreading their magic and tranquility of mind is allowing free flow of thoughts.
Luminescent and innocent flowers are reflecting different nuance of colors bewildered to the beauty of nature and raindrops are nurturing them,

Yet a true reflection of beauty that can be felt but can not be seen and consist of the most fluttering and sensational sound known as silence.
Silence is the most beautiful sound that surrounding are creating and enjoying yet it is an imagery of lea full of flowers yet a metaphor of joyous mind and a peak of admiration.

Photo credit: Instagram