Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors! 🎨

Happy Holi to everyone! 😊

Cloud as a creation of an artist has filled the sky with a riot of colours 

Like the rainbow of colours dashing from every nook and corner 

Amid the spring of unbounded fun and frolicsome breeze 

Yet again the day like a canvas of imagination has arrived 





With the beauty of it’s flawless artistry 

Like the reminiscence of lively memories

Ornamenting the earth with bewildering shades and transient expressions 

With ecstasy and joy 

Like a day to relish dreams and desires 





Playing with a notion of various hues and tinge 

Like rejuvenating the spirit of holi

And dancing in the flickering flames  

Swirling together to celebrate purity of fire 





As far as the eye can see 

The holi bash has begin 

And the earth is witnessing the zeal of excitement 





With tender leaves and blooming flowers 

Energy is flowing through the veins and every element of nature is rejoicing the spectrum delight 

Yet, the eyes are glancing at the lively ray of light that is lurking through the sky






And radiating the light reflecting 

Enduring love endlessly flowing 

Igniting joy’s fuse 

Leaping and jumping in the splash of vibrating colours 





Like a conqueror’s muse  

And flowing in the rhyme of it 

Diving in such elation of beauty and drifting on soundless high cloud 

In the midst of misty blue sky 




The sun is shining faintly and colouring my soul with baubles of glistening gems 

Like a marvel of colours glittering on my finger tips 

Lighting the horizon and filling the vacillation of mind with fragmented dew drops of rain





Yet, filled the elixir of life with widespread colours 

And the cloud is capturing the bird-eye view from high above 

Like the splendid tints unfolded

Like the winsome sky is whispering to a hundred hues ally   





Like a tiny wings of the butterfly

And little creatures gliding across the edge 

To see the colourful pageant 





To rejoice the moment and dwell in it forever 

It is a promise of eternal love and wisdom glowing endlessly

Beautifying the earth like a bend spectrum delights.


Painting by a Rajasthani Artist