Book Review- Vampire Emily by Fifi Pottier

Book Title: Vampire Emily

Author: Fifi Pottier

Genre: Paranormal, Urban fantasy


Emily’s beautiful life is upended as she is turned into a vampire. Betrayed, she is thrown into a world of the supernatural where vampires, werewolves and witches exist in a fragile peace. Emily must navigate this confusing new world, her tempestuous relationship with her creators who are bound to protect her, as she herself embarks on a mission to avenge all that has been taken from her, by her makers.

My Review:

The Author has created a beautiful chaotic world for Emily. She is a self dependent woman and she likes to be surrounded by her loved ones. But what if your own people betray you. It will take you to the three dimensional reality.

Just imagine if your life has turned upside down. First, it seemed perfect like the pieces of puzzle joint together, but now those pieces of puzzle are falling off one by one. From love to the surge of grief, the respite of peace to fear again. The heart still beats but now it is lying still. And just like the wave of the ocean, the series of events in your life has transported you to a mystic world that you didn’t know existed. Imagine meeting a version of you that you didn’t know, you could become someday.

From love to grief, peace to fear and heart beat to lying still. You will witness everything. If it made you thrilled, get yourself a copy of Vampire Emily. ♥️

Who’s this book for?

If you like to dwell in fantasy and mystic world, then get yourself Vampire Emily.

Book Link: Vampire Emily by Fifi Pottier

Photo credit: Fifi Pottier

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