Amid the bare branches of tree

on this frosty January morn

look so cold so forlorn.

Frost and rime has covered the earth in a swathe of the white stuff lays



Yet the night blooming jasmines are nodding on their stems

Among the lush hills and giant trees

The night is darkening round me 

And the snow is glittering and glimmering upon the thin trunks of the pines 



Yet, soon it begin to melt as the winter has already begun to wane 

And the sun is approaching and thus shining bright at the foot of the trees 

Each trunk is painting a stroke of orange and yellow nuance. 



Curling up on the sofa under a blanket and watching the frosty pattern on the windows and ledges.

Coffee is getting cold 

Yet, the magical landscape full of ice and snow with illuminating light across the street is giving a closer look of noon



The midday is filled with so much light and the rays of sun is penetrating through it.

Splattering in every snowy nook and corner 

Crunching beneath the feet 

And the fragrance of mulled wine and ginger bread is giving the feeling of warmth 



Crisply, the day is whispering to cute snowflakes that are coming in the pathway 

Lost in the beautiful island and among the mountain, the fresh green grass is piercing out.



With the evenness and straightness of pines, the snow is gleaming upon the roofs of the houses and barges along the embarkment, they gives a magical feels 

Winter days and frost mornings 



The ray of light warms you yet the cold evenings and twinkling trees embarks your journey and gives you a bright and beautiful time of the year.

Such beautiful creation of god whispers to soul and the colour palettes of every nuance can be seen in this magical land of ice and cold.



From dazzling morning to noon, the sky is painted blue on blue yet slowly with a pace of time the colours begin to change from blue to a stray wisp of red hues giving a distant view of beautiful landscape. 

Yet, the beauty gets desolate and gets blended with the periwinkle nuance and the frolicsome breeze gives the feel of cold evenings. 



Like a kaleidoscope of colours.

The season seems to be changing its colours continuously like a dancers moves and fluttering feet’s.

As soon as the day begin to fade, the sky gets painted in the deeper and deeper shades of every nuance



And each stroke seems to reflect magic upon crisply snow and lush green mountain

Each stroke can be touched by merely glancing at them.

Like a palette of each nuance is playing with frost and rime.

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Step up


Life is a staircase and ‘each day’ is a step on it. So, Step up!

          Stairs move as straight as finches  

Or else in circular curve out of curve, pausing the moment.

Like a circle in a spiral

At the edge, it seems to be carved in spirals 

Stairs sway at the height of each staircase 

Like a circulatory motion or to replay a dancing fire.

Before they go upward

They curiously move towards the new beginning 

Sometimes it goes up and gives hope

Sometimes, it goes down and takes away hope. 

It’s just a momentary moment 

Yet, surroundings seems to gleam with a stroke of luck 

Like a circle in a round has no end 

Carved in the artistry of wood 

Yet draped in a transparent tulle canopies 

As you go up that way 

Stairs seems to be curving out of the curve 

Like the new brush sweeps clean 

Perhaps they will lead to the splattered colours of canvas.

Each hour draws closer to dusk

Just up that way

Looking ahead is like opening a door that leads to a never ending creation 

Like a twist of luck 

As soon as you arrive the stairs get vanished

And the path seems to get entangled with unending dusk.

Like the growing roots of maples 

In the infinite limerence of life 

Where doors seems to deceive one with the growing shades of ever deeper nuance 

Painted black on black 

Like the mountain staircase of night 

Yet all things return back 

And all that is gravitating around you shall begin to make it up to you 

Like the sky beckons the moon yet, each dawn draws closer to infinite possibilities 

Beneath the straight stairs 

The secrets unleashed though the shingle of caves and dive through ceiling 

Where all things seems to be revealing and resonating with the sunshine 

Yet the stairs moves as straight as flinches 

Like the shaking silence and cloudy canopy 

Stairs move into circular motion 

Pausing on the final stair

Turning motions into shape 

Moving along the circular curve 

Halfway to the earthly canopy 

Strolling down the avenue 

All at once from above 

Beyond the imagination 

Lifting our hearts and soul 

Like magic it seems and stairs move as straight as flinch.

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Where soul meets


Dedicated to all the girls who are entering into the new phase of their life..

A woman and her moment 

Her innocence was flowing in the most purest form of divinity 

While, she was choosing a perfect attire for her wedding

Suddenly, a thought of him made her spellbound 

Her mesmerizing beauty was flowing

When she wore the satin piece of clothing 

It was adding beauty to her soul 

Her overwhelming thoughts were flowing through her veins.

Travelling to momentary moments 

Added a blaze of magic to her little world 

Arrival of wedding knots tinged the wedding bells, 

Like a melody in Tristan 

As she walks the aisle in beauty, like the night 

Of dazzling clouds and starry skies

Somewhere in the vast imagination of her mind 

She is dreaming a fairytale wedding and to live happily ever after is her only desire 

With a sprinkle of faith and in abundance of hope 

She is tying the knot of understanding and love 

Yet, it goes a long, long way.

The love that she carries in her heart can not be measured 

It joins you as one, not just with a ring 

But a future together and ever after 

Her only wish is to keep the love alive and make it last.

She has been waiting for this moment so long 

To take the vows and say, “will you be mine?”

She is pursuing the solitary pathways through the twilit meadows and her innocence is flowing in the most purest form of divinity.

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New Year’s Eve


Birds sing, bells ring, to the wild sky

The dazzling clouds splattering light

The year’s passes in the blink of an eye

Birds sing, bells ring and do not hold onto this year so tight.

And let it go 



Birds sing out of sheer happiness, expand their wing in the new.

White, white in the flame of periwinkle nuance in the midst of misty horizon 

Ring out the old year, ring in the new 

Birds go winging and the billows are flinging 



The bells rang, ringing sweet voice carol

Bidding farewell to old year through the twilight shrill

Few hours until midnight 

The serge of happiness and laughter is flourishing through idyllic beginning of new year’s eve 



The dull frosty days are going 

Amid the cloudy canopy the sky has turned spectre grey yet, entwined with the frost and rime.

Across the flames of sunset 

Like the strings of lyre 

Birds that were like vanishing vision go winging 

The end of year felt warm and cosy



Birds have flittered and fluttered their wing 

all winter long 

Now the time has come to bid farewell to old year 

Like castle of patience, in the grey

Soft persistent snowflakes quenches fragile 

And nurtures the soul 

Birds sing, bells ring amid the old crown tree 



Watching the clock- tick tock , tick tock 

The clock is all set upon the two illusions that are flourishing.

Fall across the mop of fallen leaves

Adorned near the majestic maples and surrounded by the magical eve 

Birds sing, bells ring to the wild sky 



Ring out the old days, ring in the new 

While, growing clouds are embellishing the surface of the sky 

And bidding farewell to old days with rosy hue.

Yet, sinking as the light wind lives.

The new year bells are ringing with the snow and birds are singing a sweet Caroline.



Birds sing, bells ring, time flies

Now the time has come to embrace the blur of time 

Pleasuring you in myriad ways 

To mourn the passing days’ swift flight

Filled with happiness and laughter 

Ring out the old days, ring in the new

Looking forward to fresh and revitalizing New year.


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Love is in the air you breathe 

Love is fire within soul. 

Love is the reflection of your real self

Love is the ecstasy of revelation 

It has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

Hold her hand and enlighten her to that place she long to be,

Believe her voice in the wilderness.

Her innocent words and sensitivity will rekindle your believe in love.

You will find yourself a bit lost in her thoughts, but her purposeful gleam will lit up your prominent eyes,

It’s fire within her soul yet, its flames will ignite fire in your soul.

Her extricable connection would give you power,

Her sinking sensation will drive you crazy yet the mellow fantasy will absorb you.

Allow the trail of your fingers to experience the adventure.

Evacuate her loop of memories and let her thoughts gravitate around you.

Unveil the intricate layer of her soul and strip off the knot that envelops the beauty.

Her beauty will sparkle on the edge of your finger just like champagne.

The beauty within her soul will make your heart bound.

She is on a kind of escapism that doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

Just like a form of sparkling wine that is produced from the grapes but after its fermentation, the carbonation is created.

His miraculous touch makes her breathless yet, his words leaves her speechless.

When, he solves her hair, her delicate heart beats a little faster and adds an induced flavor of his love.

Like a burst of effervescence, she couldn’t take her eyes off him and burst into an emotional hemisphere of thoughts.

His disquieting half smile and smirk penetrates the chill.

She incoherently wraps herself around him like a pearl drop from the string but creates a momentary pause that allows him to pour his love over her delicate heart.

Pearl drop creates a sound like raindrops that gives inclination to her quest for thirst.

And the choreography of lips and fingertips enthralls her.

Her intrepid heart meets his heavy breathing yet implores him with an ecstasy of bliss and makes bittersweet reminiscence.

A moment strung and her neck gather the velvet lined memories and his tumultuous heart makes her gasp.

His intense gaze takes her to the vineyard and allows her to dive completely in the procurement of grapes.

As grapes produce the type of sparkling wine.

Just like her heart beats on the lyrics composed of his heart.

Intense yet beautiful,

Just like a rose, she does not reveal everything at once but, his love makes her weak and lift her up at the same time.

It sprinkles the moisture of understanding and evaporates love.

Like in the oscillation of moment and sibilant waves of the ocean, the crush of his eyes, grips her and leaves the particles of magic.

Two embodied souls produce the magic that makes a rose bloom and the impact of velvety petals fills her heart with love.

She is composed of his love and she contains him.

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Today is my One year Blog Anniversary so, I would like to share this poem with you all. Noel means ‘A Christmas carol’. Also, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year.

Frosty days and cosy nights

Fresh pine trees with splattering lights

Sound of Christmas carol with frolicsome breeze

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas, bright colours seems to add extra zinc to the sky.

Moonlight gleams amidst such joy 

And such festive touch complements the red and white stripped walls.

When the clock strives twelve and snowflakes begin to appear yet, the wind whistles sharp

The arrival of Santa with his reindeers rekindles the believe in new year eve.

A wink of eye and the sprinkle of glee

Like a majestic maple nurtures the soul, Christmas lights greet you with radiant warmth and sparkle.

The fallen snowflakes glimmering and glittering upon the path covered with mist and snow.

Like the ice crystals and sombrero of snow capped mountains clears the celestial vision yet, the dazzling clouds envelops the true essence of winter days.

Yet, the winter mornings makes the day desolate 

Behind us as we walk along the snowy path, snow crisply whispered to soul and crunched beneath the feet.

Swirling dance and fluttering feet 

Flew to and fro 

Winter seems to take shape in vivid blue and our shadows breath passion rhythm synchronized 

Drank the wine of love and ecstasy 

In the ecstasy we laughed and miles of smiles that is lumbering across the extended banks  of cloud

Season of frost and rime is playing the music of joy at its highest note 

Starry nights and sweet voice carols 

Honouring the day of Christmas with wisdom flashes endlessly glowing 

And midnight surprises unleashing the secret that has been kept securely since long.

In the ecstasy of love and peace

Bound by the eternal bond of togetherness and joy

Drank the wine of love and ecstasy 

Had rolled back to beautiful time of the year 

A voice, so sublime and enchanting 

In the form of Christmas carol is reaching to soul 

The mellifluous melody of peace on earth 

Singing along the way  

Oh, so wild and sweet

The words repeat

Candles lit and bells that ring 

Till, ringing, singing on it’s way 

Carols sung out and presents kept in every nook and corner 

And the seasons delight has covered the earth with the blanket of white through the midnight 

With each little twinkle, snow made its way to the sparkling trees that shimmer like a diamond.

Tall Christmas tree with lights bright 

Awaiting the dawn to knelt in adoration and to exchange the wine of love and peace.

Snow on snow, in the warmth and sun 

In the mid winter and frosty wind 

Gazing upon the heavenly beauty 

Wonder on wonder 

Snowy days and cute little snow flakes shall flee away 

Yet, the love that reaches to soul and light that illuminates the heart shall stay forever 

The beauty and joy, Christmas brings 

To the holiday season as the carollers sing their heart out 

To the awning of winter and cloudy canopy 

To greet you with sparkle and glee

To set the bounds of love 

Lets drink the wine of bliss and



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An author


Dedicated to each and everyone of you.

Go through the fleeting thoughts and circumambulate mind of an author,
Immerse your soul deep into the syllabary mind,
Join the stipples with the depth of the words and the arena,

An authors word truly defines the territory and takes you far away from the reality of the fabricated world,
Their shared wisdom is like a canvas to one’s imagination that encourage you to go beyond all the curtailments.

An author’s soul is like the blue agave plant that takes way too much time,
To get ready to be harvested and used in the production of tequila,
The transformation of the thoughts into a well framed words and intact sentences needs all the dedication,

But a Midas touch of ink on the surface of paper fulfills the thirst of all souls.
Sometimes, the dark shadows of memory hold them back,
But, the imagination of curious mind and creative thoughts finds their way back and words begin to rhyme.

The link between an author’s imagination and the coming world is like a forbidden fruit.
A fruit that every heart craves and a drink that makes everyone addictive.
Deep and beautiful,
Like a soothing lyrics of a ballad.

It makes you high in love with your own self by connecting you with the ecstasy of your mind and also provide a linkage to the world.
How soothing, how calming!
As deeper the words go in your mind, the higher you dive in the floating world of spirituality.

A spirit that awakens the creative side and forms an engaging melody.
Oh, how ravishing,
Thoughts seems to be appearing, beautifying the writing.
Ascending and widening until they fills the void,

Then, they seem to fall in a flow to get rid of the criticism,
Beyond the overturned hurdles of the society, opportunities are making their way with reverent hands.

Innumerable dreams are waiting to come true and desires are floating on a white cloud appearing beneath the surface,
Simplicity and kindness are following the pavement of emerging light.

Until when the words of authors will remain obscure to this world,
When shall they mark their entry to glorify beautiful minds,
Allow the burning candles to depict your way out of sheer curiosity.

An authors’ word is the life of this life and the innumerable thoughts have gone through a lot of things.
Over the ages of uncertainty, it’s a conceptual idea of an author that has made things certain and known to humanity.

Their encouraging words that have also felt the pain, but choose to shine to eradicate the darkness from the sphere, now rules the heart of readers.
Knitting poem and knocking opportunity is a way to go.

Tiptoe the memories that hold you back and gracefully notice the spirit within.
Wrap your words in a silken cloth full of sentiments and laid them touch the heart of readers and bring shimmer in their eyes.

Photo credits: Toe Heftiba from Unsplash

Be happy and keep smiling 🙂