The stories of souls

The moon and sun
Are binding each other
Yet meet’s where
One has to fall
For the other to rise.
Like the fallen stars
Imbue their aura
Upon souls
And fulfils everyone’s
Yet choose to remain

It’s a deep and abiding mystery that binds the sun, moon and the earth.
The moon never unfolds itself to anyone. It keeps changing its shapes and sizes. It hears the story of every soul, but choose to remain mystery for each and every soul.
And the sun, it shines so brightly. If anyone would ever try to get close to it. It will burn them. It keep’s burning itself to brighten up other souls with its ray of light but it doesn’t spill the beans neither do moon as The Moon gets its light from the sun and In the same way, the sun illuminates the earth. It is like a secret that is binding them. Yet, Earth is just a medium that brings them together.

At noon, it is the brightest yet in the evening it slides down the purple horizon. Have anyone wondered why one has to fall so that the other can rise? Why sun and moon only meet during the time of sunrise and sunset? Why the universe is full of mysteries? Why are they not meant to be? Are not they the personification of soul connection? Isn’t it the soul connection that we craves the most?

-The Ink of Love

It’s been long since the last time I connected with you all here on WordPress. My first book, ‘The Ink of Love’ is a success is all because of your love and support.

I am grateful to you all for your continuous love and support. Let’s share our thoughts with each other. Did you like the illustration? Should I share more illustrations?

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Unravelled thoughts

I find my mind wandering across the unique arrangement of stars.

Yet my soul is seeking for thrilled adventure.

Slowly passing by the edge of the universe

I find myself a bit lost in the infinite limerence of life.

Like the measure flow of words across the writing table

Yet, expressing my innermost thoughts is a gateway to my soul

Sometimes I feel like reaching at the top of the mountain, sometimes I wish to wander around the sea.

Taking a deep dive in the castle made up of my imagination and creativity.

Gives me a peak of contentment yet my only wish is to evolve myself in the unraveled mystery.


Long before I heard his heartbeat

His eyes divulged the story of his soul

Eyes that saw him did enchanted the mind

And the soul that felt his presence

Caught up in the silken thread

In the luminance of moon

I felt the crescendo of emotions

Caught up in the thread of affection

And the magical moonbeams

Entwined with souls

Like the memory unfolded

While, I held your hand

Eyes begin to sparkle

With a sprinkle of stardust

Suddenness in a moment with a mystique in air

The thread of love got entangled in fingertips

And souls traced each other’s heartbeat

While, the mind was twisted

In an emotional chaos

Like a maze enveloped in the iridescent web of moonlight

Holding the breath for a moment

Love got drifted in a musing

In a way that only hearts could pacify

Emotions were blending with the autumn skies and its glowing edges

And the sky and it’s hues were carrying the secret between each other’s soul like the canvas holds each and every nuance beautifully

Blending with all the senses and melting inside the timeless dwelt

At the edge of the horizon where my eyes met yours

And the voice came out of veiled silence made my heart sway

Long before the memories unfolded

My soul felt the thrill in your warmth like never before