New Year’s Eve


Birds sing, bells ring, to the wild sky

The dazzling clouds splattering light

The year’s passes in the blink of an eye

Birds sing, bells ring and do not hold onto this year so tight.

And let it go 



Birds sing out of sheer happiness, expand their wing in the new.

White, white in the flame of periwinkle nuance in the midst of misty horizon 

Ring out the old year, ring in the new 

Birds go winging and the billows are flinging 



The bells rang, ringing sweet voice carol

Bidding farewell to old year through the twilight shrill

Few hours until midnight 

The serge of happiness and laughter is flourishing through idyllic beginning of new year’s eve 



The dull frosty days are going 

Amid the cloudy canopy the sky has turned spectre grey yet, entwined with the frost and rime.

Across the flames of sunset 

Like the strings of lyre 

Birds that were like vanishing vision go winging 

The end of year felt warm and cosy



Birds have flittered and fluttered their wing 

all winter long 

Now the time has come to bid farewell to old year 

Like castle of patience, in the grey

Soft persistent snowflakes quenches fragile 

And nurtures the soul 

Birds sing, bells ring amid the old crown tree 



Watching the clock- tick tock , tick tock 

The clock is all set upon the two illusions that are flourishing.

Fall across the mop of fallen leaves

Adorned near the majestic maples and surrounded by the magical eve 

Birds sing, bells ring to the wild sky 



Ring out the old days, ring in the new 

While, growing clouds are embellishing the surface of the sky 

And bidding farewell to old days with rosy hue.

Yet, sinking as the light wind lives.

The new year bells are ringing with the snow and birds are singing a sweet Caroline.



Birds sing, bells ring, time flies

Now the time has come to embrace the blur of time 

Pleasuring you in myriad ways 

To mourn the passing days’ swift flight

Filled with happiness and laughter 

Ring out the old days, ring in the new

Looking forward to fresh and revitalizing New year.


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