The eyes in the sky gaze on the ground

As the sunrise ripples across the horizon,

We drew in the Midst of the lust and savage forest of distinct creatures.

And a magic jewel splashed from its shrine.

Mysterious and magical;



Crisply the tale behind the stolen magic jewel whispered yet, my feet stumbled upon the cobblestone path.

And the pebbles crunched beneath our feet

As we walked along the pathway 

Yet, it drew us near the main entrance to the triple gateway.



Leading to the sparkling white mountains and beneath the trees, the fireplace was giving warmth. 

Like the slight greasy luster captures the soul of a man.

The place on the top of the hills has been lent a soul.



And, entering into the eight carved marble arches bow a welcome.

Yet, the path lined with trees envelopes you.

And, once, the diamond jewel was the essence of the forest.



Countless, centuries ago the forest  was named after the finest, flawless and glittering jewel .

Before the slight luster captured the heart of a millions of people and filled their mind with greediness.



The long and broad leaves were a net to hold the ray of sunlight.

Each trunk in turn were taught the right way to sprinkle light upon the fallen leaves.

And, so for years, the forest hold it’s true essence.



Like, out of the splinters that remain and waves the direction of air.

It’s beauty remained on the remnants of the tree.

And yet again the sun like a fiery disc, slided into the horizon.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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