He is a wheel of destiny, time and fate. Walking beside him is a dream come true. My soul is complete now..

He is aroma of my desires

His fragrance is bounding me with him

Just like the halts for discoveries and notes written together

Something being written in lighter ink and the sunlight is making them glow by splashing some rays of it upon them

Dancing in the shadow and sharing the words bound in eternity with honey dripped over

Sometimes my mind ponder if I love him in one way or the other

As the map of perpetual art has no destined destination yet it marks a way to eternity

Yet, it is difficult to define the way I love him

Like an eternal bliss

He is the hidden secret of my soul


In that moment his gaze met her eyes

Her eyes finally met the window to his soul

And time seems to last forever

deep inside she knew this is the only moment she has been waiting for

Dancing in the moonlit night

Glancing in your eyes

You touched my soul like never before

Where my senses are reeling

And quivering with bliss

With touch of your hand I could see the sky got embellished with a white crystal, glass beading and pearl.

Blending in the tinted sky

Twirling and swirling with a diamond and pearl

Across the extended banks of cloud

In between each other’s arm

Listening to your soulful voice

And singing along the way

And feeling it deep inside the heart

The Eyes have it..


Seated beside the fireplace in a rustic lodge like living room.

And, the sun splashed at the Gold Coast where the ray of light was falling across the ceiling.

Yet, the mind was engaged in filling the void.

Like the measured words flow across the small writing table and lips apart to form the phrase.

Staring at the two different worlds through the window ledge.

And the silence in the air felt like sweeping away the darkness.

Turning to the mirror above the fireplace.

Propped upon a mountain of satin pillows amid the bed linens.

Shrugged into silence as he glanced at her in surprise with a flicker of reaction on his face.

Yet, her face was aligned with curiosity, caution and the dawning of understanding.

From eye gazing to warm moments, two illusions that flourished addled their mind.

And yet again eyes spoke more than a thousand words.

With a suddenness in her movement, she rolled onto his side and leaned on the elbow.

And he slightly lifted his brows with a disquieting half smile yet, he silently and very efficiently convinced her.

She was waiting for his gesture and with a quickness in a moment he hold her hand and her hazel eyes whispered to him, “hold it tight”.

With the silence in a moment their eyes promised to each other. 

They shall not allow anything to take their moment away.

And, the sun was hidden behind the surface yet, the surface of clouds glowed pink.

Like the intricate folds of wrapped up fine silk.

Their souls aligned with each other and connected the bond of understanding and togetherness.


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Power of Truth


Truth is not a man made theory yet a transparent reality that unfolds the blindfold,

It has its own evolutionary form and it grants a power to take decision.

It is presented in each and every particles of earth yet breaks the bond among individuals.

It is evolving and expanding in new concepts of human existence,

And it’s evidence is universe itself as every atom of the creation is recreating its form.

In every creation of the atom, nothing is more formidable than the power of truth,

It transforms every creation to the new invented level of consciousness yet follows a illustrious destiny,

In an evocative sense, it is a true reflection of a human being,

It consists of various stages yet it evolves soul and holds the power of divinity,

When an individual brings its evaluated form, it shun away every falsification,

Falsehood can deceive us but it’s the truth that prevails in the long run.

It’s a choice of an individual whether to adapt and accept its structured way or unstructured way.

Yet it’s predefined nature is crucible for transformation of individuals,

It beacons the light and allows us to stand in our own truth and power,

It clears the vision and provides the detailed map of the continuous journey ahead,

It is the most thoughtful decision yet based on individual observation.

It is a acceptance of a inner reality yet adapted without judging the person from head to toe,

It’s descend force of the flow initiates the continuous flow of divinity through our body,

Sometimes it becomes twisted yet consciousness always aligns with force.

It is the nature of transformation yet human beings always breaks that initial force of the flow,

It is deep rooted in the form of affliction yet the disruption is always felt and becomes unearthed,

It’s resolution is presented in the rewarding form of patience,

It is presented in the form of expressed thoughts, speech and deed.

It rips the heart hollow and opens the body to a dynamic peace,

The definitive seal of truth makes a composition of a new tune that makes soul trill.

It is a holistic process that prepares the mind and inside governs the outside,

There is no shortcut to find the truth, it is a spontaneous process of change and gets connected to our consciousness yet every grain of resistance must be observed with a deep rooted truth,

It is a transformation yet an approach of adapting changes,

It is omnipresent and it’s tangible nature makes it a universal truth.

It’s existence will set you free and reward your soul with the divinity.

The continuous flow of divinity will set you apart and would give you power of observation.

To receive the visual perception of the future ahead follow the path of truth,

Truth is not a man made theory yet a reality that unfolds the blindfold.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@oscartothekeys