Book Review- Vampire Emily by Fifi Pottier

Book Title: Vampire Emily

Author: Fifi Pottier

Genre: Paranormal, Urban fantasy


Emily’s beautiful life is upended as she is turned into a vampire. Betrayed, she is thrown into a world of the supernatural where vampires, werewolves and witches exist in a fragile peace. Emily must navigate this confusing new world, her tempestuous relationship with her creators who are bound to protect her, as she herself embarks on a mission to avenge all that has been taken from her, by her makers.

My Review:

The Author has created a beautiful chaotic world for Emily. She is a self dependent woman and she likes to be surrounded by her loved ones. But what if your own people betray you. It will take you to the three dimensional reality.

Just imagine if your life has turned upside down. First, it seemed perfect like the pieces of puzzle joint together, but now those pieces of puzzle are falling off one by one. From love to the surge of grief, the respite of peace to fear again. The heart still beats but now it is lying still. And just like the wave of the ocean, the series of events in your life has transported you to a mystic world that you didn’t know existed. Imagine meeting a version of you that you didn’t know, you could become someday.

From love to grief, peace to fear and heart beat to lying still. You will witness everything. If it made you thrilled, get yourself a copy of Vampire Emily. ♥️

Who’s this book for?

If you like to dwell in fantasy and mystic world, then get yourself Vampire Emily.

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Book Review- Queen Victoria, her girlhood and womanhood by Grace Greenwood

Have you read this book? If not yet, you should.


Alexandrina Victoria (1819-1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death. On 1 May 1876, she adopted the additional title of Empress of India. Her reign of 63 years and seven months was longer than that of any of her predecessors and is known as the Victorian era. It was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military change within the United Kingdom, and was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire. She was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover. Her son and successor, Edward VII, initiated the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the line of his father.

My Review

Genre: Historic, Biography

“England had always been happy and prosperous under Queens”

It’s a well elaborated biography of Queen Victoria. The book is divided into four parts where the part one of the book elaborates her childhood and girlhood, part two emphasises on Womanhood and Queenhood, part three emphasises on Wifehood and Motherhood and part four brings light upon the important events in Queen Victoria’s life and Widowhood.

Victoria was born in the old palace of Kensington, on May 24, 1819. It was her destiny to be a queen. She was graceful and elegant. She is often described as bearing herself with great dignity and composure. As a child, she was often called little Drina. Before becoming a queen, she has sustained the death of her father. She ascended to the throne at age 18 on June 20, 1837. In May, 1836, she met Albert for the first time. And eventually, destiny acquainted her with Prince Albert, they had children together and after that in December, 1861, the death of Prince Albert greatly affected her and sank her into depression. But after four years of Prince Albert’s death, she made her appearance in public again and served her country until January 22, 1901. After her death, her son, Edward VII succeeded her.

Who’s this Book for?

This book is for someone who loves to dwell themselves in history and the one who is curious to get to know about the Queen Victoria and the history of England from 1819 to 1901.

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Sophia Von X

Author: Victoria Ray

Genre: Mystery, Thriller and Adventure

“Mystery is wrapped up in each and every word of the story”

Her peculiar choice in vocabulary and special attention to details not only bound up the interest of the avid readers but it also creates a mystery. It will take you to places. Reading Sophia Von X is like going on adventure uncertain about the destiny. Let’s get a peek inside the Sophia’s character before gripping inside the adventurous mystery thriller.

Sophia is an ardent historian and trained philosopher. A Sicilian woman with strong instincts. She is not only beautiful but also strongly believes in destiny.

Her destiny begin when she decided to go to Bingerbuck, Germany to visit the unique, recently discovered holy tomb of Christianity. Driving all the way from Sicily to Germany. She drove through Palermo that was her birth town ;an old city with new ways. The most intriguing fact about is that it is a blend of Greece, Italy, Arabia, France and Spain. It reconciled her childhood memories. Continuing to the path of destiny she stops onto the docks of Molo Beverlo, Napoli. Oblivion to the surroundings she was listing to Turandot.

In the midst of her journey she meets Luca and later they share the bond of friendship. And driving all along way to the Switzerland through the German countryside. She meets Thomas Von Essen; A man with a deep melodic voice and irresistible physique. From helping her to dig holy place, the birthmark on Sophia’s back suddenly aroused his interest in her. He is the man with dark secrets and mystery flowing through his veins.

“You set Fire to my soul curated and crafted the love in my heart by fulfilling my longings & Cravings. But left me in vain with burning quest for answers and ignited the fire of curiosity. While my soul is still searching for you”

To reach to the end, buy this amazing book. You can get the hard copy or soft copy whatever you prefer on Amazon