“When reality is more enchanting than daydreaming”

A melody’s born out of melody

Vowels got hovered

as my lips parted apart

And his name came out of my mouth

Like a fluff in my belly

An aura of sprinkled fairy dust

Appeared in air like a mirage

And my heart sang an unknown melody

Yet it has become known to my soul

A long ago like the melody of love

His face shone brightly in the sun

And his piercing voice touched the strings

Of my heart and replayed the reminiscent

Surroundings seemed to glimmer with

Pearly tint and shades formed across the sky

In the motion of time my soul was playing

the unknown notion.

That rekindled my emotions

With a flickering touch of magic along with wavering air

He encircled me and got a hold of me

It felt like galloping into a galaxy of stars

And going deep in the ocean of unfathomable thoughts

Flying over the Milky Way and coming back

to the realm of reality

Like falling into a blissful sleep

Every time I glared into his eyes

Pondered over the sweet bliss

And felt the love my soul has been

Searching for since a long ago

It is a blessing in disguise

Yet a mirage of my mind

Is playing an unknown melody born out of melody

Peeking from the edges

And peeping from whimsical eyes

His soul reflected tender care

And the ancient mystery hidden deep in shell

That encrusted the glitter across ceiling lights

Our feet’s centred each other

Like bloomed roses

Rippled around the curvy edges

Our hearts whispered and soul bonded

Like a glimmer of stars, incarnation and champagne reflecting the darker sky

As it touched the lips and melted inside

Like a kiss flashed in the moonlight

While the melody is born out of melody

Over the moon

I hugged him right away and whispered in his ear I feel so close to your soul…

His expression was both, lively and tranquil like the thrilling flush of children after having cotton candy in the evening.
His fine forehead sloped gently up to where his hair was curved upward and bordering them like an armorial shield, burst into lovelocks and waves and ripples of deep blue water
His eyes were bright, big, clear and gazing at me with the cherry red hue formed on his cheeks
He was hovering over me, delicately and gently he tucked my hair aside and smiled with a curve formed on his face like a bow curved upward.
Curiosity of knowing how I feel about him in depth filled the vacillation of his mind and he asked me in soft and delicate voice,
how do you feel about me;
I was spellbound with his sweet gesture and was living in the dark, intense world of his eyes as the skyline splits in two he edged his way into me
I silently admired his enormous deep eyes with long lashes, lips like a Cupid’s bow rigged upward and high cheekbones.


He is a wheel of destiny, time and fate. Walking beside him is a dream come true. My soul is complete now..

He is aroma of my desires

His fragrance is bounding me with him

Just like the halts for discoveries and notes written together

Something being written in lighter ink and the sunlight is making them glow by splashing some rays of it upon them

Dancing in the shadow and sharing the words bound in eternity with honey dripped over

Sometimes my mind ponder if I love him in one way or the other

As the map of perpetual art has no destined destination yet it marks a way to eternity

Yet, it is difficult to define the way I love him

Like an eternal bliss

He is the hidden secret of my soul


“There’s no truly perfect person, but there is a way to find the right one

Waiting for you and my heart is trilling with the sound of falling raindrops like pearls sent slipping from the chain of string

Eyes are curiously looking for you

And change in the speed of wind made me ponder upon my thoughts and whispering voices across the street

As I watch and wonder your feet’s are moving towards the doorway and I can hear my name from your soulful voice

When my soul hears your voice and says your name it feels like strings pearl together

We two sit upon a throne of pearl

And the cloudless sky rhyming with the deep blue ocean is our canopy

The blue waves of water touching our feet and the waves are entwining with the white sand and crinkling with ecstasy and joy

In all their south sea pearls panoply

Glittering and glimmering in various hues of glossy white, silky silver and champagne


Laying together and watching the stars appearing on the surface of clouds

Gazing at the stars feels like seeing the entire universe and dwelling in the essence of his soul

Like a diamond beaded in the sky and the silky canopy

Like a thread of silk and flickering touch of magic

And time softly treads throughout the ocean breathes

The heard melodies are echoing the ears and the unheard melodies are echoing somewhere in the mountains

Reaching to him and seeing his messy hair while he is making me feel comfortable

Further on the extended banks of cloud my deep longings are being answered










Happy Weekend 💕