With cherry blossom scent 

Here’s a red 

Come, taste the edge 

When sun shines brightly in the crystal blue sky 

And clouds beckons the sun 

I linger to watch it 

Like the appearance of first light in the sky 

Scattering in each and ever corner

Glistening upon the scarlet rose with leaf so small 

Like the rain dishevelled petals 

Fold on fold, until it glows as 

Mellow as the glory roses

In the meadow full of flowers amid the shooting stars beyond the daystar, along the edge of horizon 

Like the ripe plum of love 

Growing on a purple tree and the spell of its enchantment

Will never let you be you.

When love comes to you unbidden

To fulfil its long awaited desires 

Like the trinkets of love and trunks of secret 

Sometimes it’s like a sherry 

Like the touch of love and crawling deep inside the mind 

Yet, passing through the edge of heart 

And getting blended in the aura of reverie 

Like the love that lays down its life 

Staring at the bewildered beauty 

Fresh flowers bloom like a flesh of cherry blossom love 

Like a two fold life 

the rose briar are blooming and carrying the fragrance of flowery wind 

Yet, flowing in the direction of universal leaf

Opening the sheen of mind and fabricating the deepest heart craving

Like an archipelago of endless beauty 

To those of the imaginary and far beyond to the cherry blossom love 

Glittering and glimmering in the shade of sun like a pearl up on the ocean 

just like a dark rose with malleable petals and indelible scent 

It adds beauty to lips and sparkle to eyes 

And gracefully unfolds the souls journey 

As life and love bestow each other 

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Oh, beloved 

You were like a soft gem on a silken thread 

My soul shone eternally when I had you beside me 

The crowd of stars beckon to us and moonlight glanced at us 

Like the light in the darkness, I felt all at once 

What else can a heart desire




Oh, beloved 

I was lost in the depth of your eyes

Like the long awaited desire of nightingale to meet the moon 

Beside the seashore and gentle breeze 

My fate recurved before me and destiny aligned with it

Just merely glancing at your face 

I felt like the long lasting spring 




Oh, beloved 

Our love was woven in satin, silk and brocade 

Like the glowing lamps in a royal tower 

The beauty of it was magically tantalizing among the delights of the world 

I fell in the flow of your love like the joy of union 

But, oh beloved my soul got mingled in the diversity of crafts




Oh, beloved 

Except your soul there is nothing more enchanting in this world 

Like the lyre of music

Your words still echoes in my ears 

These nights, this weather 

Amidst the delights of union,

My thoughts have become unfathomable 

And my soul is lost amid the light of stars 




Oh, beloved 

You were like the centre of my universe 

Just like water flows beyond the surface 

The flow of your love filled me with the ultimate felicity 

Like stars in the windy sky 

I felt it deep inside the heart 

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February came as a silent poetry 

The land rejuvenated like a painting 

that whispered to soul 

Neither too cold nor too hot 

Crunched as cornflakes beneath

Feet on a crisp morn 




The month of sundries, mumps and measles fell like the notes of piano 

And daffodils opened up fully fruitful 

like a rhyme of soothing ode 

Echoes heard among dense trees 




And shrill wind embellished the horizon

Like an arrival of fortunate February 

Weaving in and weaving out of the drizzly day 

Like a stumps of gum trees and nuts bleating happily 




Brightly bejewelled

And the skyline is meeting the horizon 

Like a delightful display of various nuance in the vacillation of mind 

Amid the red and gold leaves 




Mixing and matching purposefully with the nuance of each colour 

Like a bird of feather flock together 

Through skies, the morning is getting blended with the kaleidoscope of colours 




Transforming the magical land into a land of orchestra 

Like the awning of spring 

As bright as champagne, while the frolicsome breeze uncoiled as the rustling of shrill wind 




Exchanging notes in this fabricated cave 

Cascading the branches to load their shelves 




To this sweet onset like the oak with a few brazen leaves.

Growing and gleaming in sunlight 

Like a poetry that is produced from autumn foliage 




The shrub with loaded leaves and winged fruits are unfolding like a figurative flowers for February 

And the festivals of my forbears are seeded by the pull of season first-quarter 




Dancing to and fro 

Like a crumbs of jumble, dance and dangles

Amidst the meadow and feathers 

Love is making its way back to fortunate February yet it came as a silent poetry and stood like a never ending saga.

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Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It’s the most predefined sound
Heard by soul yet defined by living bodies.
It is not bound by any word, it is as deep as eternity yet sounds shallow sometimes.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It is the most purest form of expressions.
Expressed by eyes yet understood by heart.
It fills our world with thoughts of compelling galaxy, yet becomes hollow at time.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It’s a loophole that connects a soul to mind.
Connects individuals with the chords of inner self,
It’s an act of self immersing in the unknown world, yet reveals the certainties and uncertainties.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It is covered by walls of truth.
Deciphered by the flames of evidence yet invades the mind.
It is as loud as the volcanic eruption, yet looks so quite from outside.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It holds a grey future yet so quietly observed.
It drops hints in the form of culmination of thoughts encircling mind, yet hidden behind the bright smile.
Deceived by the act of diplomacy yet read between the lines.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
Understood and revealed by few, but holds the treasure within.
Treasure of spilled beans and goes towards the seeker,
A seeker who is seeking the truth yet sugarcoated by dew drops of affirmation.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
Remains in the eyes of beholder yet travels from person to person.
When a person is able to define its predefined purpose,
He becomes the most fortunate person yet it is carved in the mystery.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It is the mystery that fluctuates mind yet full of discoveries,
Uncertainty of the depth, allows souls to travel to the path of seeking.
It lacks physical form but it has a lot to say.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It adds meaning to the life by revealing the secrets of life.
Finding it and solving the mystery is like taking a difficult path,
Yet when it is found and revealed, it becomes self consciousness.

Silence is the virtue of darkness,
It awakens the souls and makes it calm yet screams and yells in mind.
It enables a seeker to seek the truth,
It’s virtue breaks all the constraints yet it is the virtue of darkness so revealed in darkness
As darkness leads and guides towards light.

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She is a quintessence of beauty 

The beauty she possess

It radiates with every step she takes 

And her eyes are glimmering and shimmering with fantasy like a phantom of delight

Like a flower of imagination that blooms inside her mind 

Yet, her weary face with those eyes full of life 

Revealing a night sky with constellations to find 



She is a strong headed woman

Her heart reflects that gleam in her eyes

To find the perfect rhyme of her heart and mind 

She often find herself dancing in the air and reaching out to moon.

Yet, she does not reveal her mellow fantasy 

Just like a depth of the ocean

She find herself lost in the infinite possibilities 



She is a vibrating ball of emotional chaos 

Yet, she is light and airy like a sparkling wine 

Just like water constantly expands 

The surroundings seemed to gleam in her appearance. 

Like an echo makes a shadow dance 

Her huge dripping heart and frenetic personality makes her unique 

Just the way she is 



She is a never ending saga of wistful wisdom and divinity 

She moves so lightly and cares so deeply 

Just like a string of violin 

Leaping and twirling amidst the stars 

And turning down the destiny in her favour 

Her soul takes a vivid shape of unknown galaxy 

Or like a fallen star 



She is an imaginary of a clear sky 

With her unfurled wings, she carries sacred touch of infinite stars 

Yet, she has a tendency to not reveal everything at once 

Like a thousand galaxies in the universe 

Her soul is made up of the thousand clustered stars 



She is an intriguing mirage  

And, belongs to starry nights and glistening lights 

Sometimes she swims in rhythm, sometimes she dives herself in the epic fantasy 

Yet, she knows everything around her 

Like a breezy mountain and meadow full of flowers 

Her moments of revelation gives the pleasure of knowing her worthwhile 



She is a mysterious creature 

She will change completely in a fraction of seconds 

From opening the ripples of her heart to growing strange sparkly wings 

To take flight into a whirling gust of wind 

Like the colours in the sky begin to grew darker during dusk 

She embarks her journey 

Spread her wings wide open and breath in the crisp mountain air 

She is truly a work of art and the quintessence of beauty 

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A true enigma

He is an epitome of knowledge 

Yet a puzzle to be solved 

Like a frantic waves of the sea

He is unpredictable at times

Yet, enlightenment moves him 

Like waves moves the sea 



A man of pure heart

Yet his mind is highly attuned to the fluid connections 

He is wary of his feelings 

Like a sibilant waves of the sea 

He is truly a gem who bind us all together 

Yet, act rebellious in crowd 

And easy to pick out.



A detached recluse 

Staring at two different views on the window ledge

Yet, he feels alone in crowd 

And immersing himself in the world of silence awakens his soul.

It is a loophole that connects his soul to mind.



A water bearer 

His mind is like a cloud and he is the sky in which the cloud is floating 

Like the depth of ocean 

His thoughts have no end 



Yet, he is not bound by any connection

He is a seeker of truth

Understood by few but holds a 

treasure within.

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  Curling up on the bed under a blanket and watching the snowy caped mountains

And, streets covered with swathe of the white blanket.

Walking in the snowy path feels like needle in a haystack yet, the fragrance of mulled wine gives warmth.


Yet, the perspectives leads to a new path

Veering away from the frolicsome breeze

Winter days has made day desolate

Lurching from one direction to other

Threading the way out of dreary days

As the winter has begun to wane.

First Appeared on Visual Verse

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