A wish


A wish is a wish you can wish 

What would you wish for

If you had a wish 

Just by that wish you can paint an 

aura of tranquil dream 

A dream within a dream 

In the night, or in a day 

Hold a vision 

All that we see with the eyes of heart 

Like the whim of ecstasy 

Being into eternity is 

like falling into a blissful sleep

Is but a dream within a dream 

Like a string of folk songs

Sung from heart to heart 

And a faint sun is sending a shaft of light 

At a ridge of mountain wind

Like a voice serges through the hills 

Beckoning the mindful of words been whispered in secret.

And days spent eavesdropping the wild air 

Walking through the lush green hills 

Like a summer sunset on the ocean horizon

Star light, star bright,

First fallen star I see this twilight 

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Get this wish fulfilled tonight

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Where soul meets


Dedicated to all the girls who are entering into the new phase of their life..

A woman and her moment 

Her innocence was flowing in the most purest form of divinity 

While, she was choosing a perfect attire for her wedding

Suddenly, a thought of him made her spellbound 

Her mesmerizing beauty was flowing

When she wore the satin piece of clothing 

It was adding beauty to her soul 

Her overwhelming thoughts were flowing through her veins.

Travelling to momentary moments 

Added a blaze of magic to her little world 

Arrival of wedding knots tinged the wedding bells, 

Like a melody in Tristan 

As she walks the aisle in beauty, like the night 

Of dazzling clouds and starry skies

Somewhere in the vast imagination of her mind 

She is dreaming a fairytale wedding and to live happily ever after is her only desire 

With a sprinkle of faith and in abundance of hope 

She is tying the knot of understanding and love 

Yet, it goes a long, long way.

The love that she carries in her heart can not be measured 

It joins you as one, not just with a ring 

But a future together and ever after 

Her only wish is to keep the love alive and make it last.

She has been waiting for this moment so long 

To take the vows and say, “will you be mine?”

She is pursuing the solitary pathways through the twilit meadows and her innocence is flowing in the most purest form of divinity.

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Sky as the poet and sun as his poetry are enlightening the surface of clouds with the golden hues

Opening the ripples of spectre grey hues.

Redecorating and rekindling the cloudy canopy.

And painting the memory of old beautiful autumn days.



Yet, the fallen leaves and blossom flowers are welcoming the season of frost and rime.

The mist upon the leaves is the awning of winter.

Spindled deep in the frost morning.

Like the string of lyre, 



The vacillation of mind is filled with the full hearted song of joy.

And the sweet melodious voice arose among the weakening eye of Day.

Yet, the lights and shades of dawn were fading away.



While, the dew upon the trunk of a tree is glistening the horizon 

Beneath the winter dregs 

The dazzling display of stars crisply whispered to night. 

Flew to and fro, shadows danced upon such rhyme.



Yet, the flames of fire beneath the fireplace were providing warmth.

Behind it the invisible net of tender night crunched among the soul.

All of a sudden the long extended clouds rose upon the horizon.

And yet again sky as the poet and sun as his poetry whispered to soul.

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“Take me back to time
Open the timeless eternity of soul
Walk down the glorious path decorated with all the memories that makes us warm
Once again the starlights will enhance the curious heart and wandering soul”

On a leap day, something unusual happened in the sky and in the world of cosmology, fate destined two mellifluous souls,
On the surface of the universe, all the stars gathered together and created a unique combination of atoms.
Two different personalities stood near the fountain of the universe and the vicissitude of divination, and disencumber filled with bewildering situation.
Traces of a general and substantial belief left their mark on the maple leaf, just like a soul has a twofold life.
A feeble gesture of haste curated the sense of romance and has given predominated purpose to their life.
Vividness in the vision conveyed the illusion of reality and present scenario witnessed the coherence in their action.
The lucidity of the phenomenon dwells upon the realm of frost and dew of fantasy and reality.
Like an interpreted vision, destiny well acquainted the proposition regarding the unconscious cerebration.
From the corner of the eyes, a constellation found, yet hard to fathom the love the flown souls fell into.
And the connection aligned with fate and an inexplicable sense got tingles in the body.
An evocative sensation has occurred and molecules formed a chemistry.
Like a binary star system, the gravitational force insulated the flown souls from the fantasy and an infinite galaxy destined them together.
Connection attracted the bond, and a convincer of fate rigged the destiny in their favor that lead to a miraculous tale.
The dream of a flown souls turned into the forever dancing across the constellation of stars and made them bound, yet the surge of emotions drowned them in the sea of emotional hemisphere.
And, the hourglass took them back to the time of fantasy and opened the timeless eternity within their souls.
Once again the starlights enhanced the curious heart and wandering soul.
Every element of nature rejoiced the moment and, from the smell of dust after long sunset to infinity, touched the ticking clock of compelling universe.
The fragrance of dust, vital flows, and, got crashed into the soil and a long awaited desire of earth of meeting the dew drops of rain, gets fulfilled.
Yet, the puzzle of stars stretched across the milky surface of the universe and, scattered by the Midas touch of infinity.
A ray of sunrise diminished the last night and, make Its vision blur, yet the Starbucks mugs were missing the heavenly taste of luminous lips.
Suddenly, the vision of last night triggered the mind like, the appearance of sun in the sky, vanishes the moon from the horizon.
A slight temporal visit in the voyage of subconscious mind turned the fantasy into a reality and the intuitive nudge created the vision of the future,
And, the eyes that captured mine in just a swift glance, locked in to the corner of my eyes, and it just triggered my mind and gripped my vision.
Desires met the ultimate felicity and the void begins to fill and, its heartwarming rhyme synchronized with the breath.
Yet, the intensity of desired action creeps beyond the horizon and a realization that the man, my eyes got locked in to, is none other than the one I saw in the vision of last night,
filled my heart with joy.

Part 1: Etched in Eternity

Image Courtesy: Pexels.com

Etched in Eternity


In the voyage of a subconscious mind, a mellow sensation has occurred,
A proverbial fidelity filled the infinite space and self deception thrived in the pellucid vision of an unconscious mind.
Upon the dark corners of the unseen world, the weakling and several neurotic moments in the rapid eye movement revealed the hidden desires and unsaid words.
It started off at a precise location along with a powerful searchlight of vivid memories, images were drawing meaning and depicted an underlying message.
Along with the virtuality of a dream, a spaceship of thoughts devised and created a delusional truth,
It’s reflection was appearing in the immersed water and within less than a minute, it immersed my soul like a caged bird.
I took a swift glance and my soul seemed to have a close connection with a delusion of mind,
A thousand of thoughts, images, ideas and emotions were moving along with a consistency of consciousness yet it was a resemblance of an unconscious mind.
All of the sudden, things begin to tell me something yet everything become incomprehensible.
It was a surreal dream yet a truth engrossed with a preconceived bias hoping to comprehend memory formation.
A Devine portent reached to the interim of soul and echoed the voice.
And a voice in the wilderness whispered a verdict of the multitude and crucified the spirit.
An unnatural excitement of some interior sense reinforced the certain level of dreams prophetic value.
Mirage of unraveling thoughts disclosed the purpose behind the existence of such vision.
Beneath the darkness of night and surroundings were covered with snow, a paved path made my way to the staircase.
As I climbed up the staircase, a shadow of  man horrified me but as I went close to him, his eyes gleamed.
A shred of light hypnotized my eyes and tied a string of never breaking contact with his eyes till he shown me an empirical evidence.
Those little source of light, twinkling and glittering painted the night sky and transformed my world.
Like the sun hid behind the surface of clouds to enlighten the moon, my soul was craving to know him and was yearning to learn every inch of his soul beyond the surface.
Beneath the sky, a puzzle of stars was depicting my life and all that best’s of dark and bright met my aspect and melted my heart to that tender touch.
And his warm words filled my eyes with tears, without seeing from my actual eyes, I could feel his emotions gets spilled over his words filled with eagerness and curiosity,
If you would not remain oblivion to the future, and the past.
Would you follow the path of destiny, if our fate brings us together,
Can I carry the hope of seeing you again in the future, or we will change the present or you would like to adapt to it.
Or you want fate to lead our destiny made by a paved path of a puzzle of stars.
My mind got lost in the vast imagination and against all the odds, I took a chance and fulfilled my craving of establishing more than just a physical connection.
Like in a diversity of craft, we are all apprentice, my soul gets tingled and assured my heart to feel safe.
I felt a little bit of everything and choose to take every step along the way.
The glorious day of dusk ended when a realization shrugged me with a ray of sunlight and a white ray of light filled my room directly reflecting to the mirror and came straight to my eyes.
And I came to a conclusion that it was a dream within a dream, whilst my mind is still pondering over the man who came in my dream.
Mixed together in a diversity of craft, my soul gets mingled with a combust yet sudden awakening aligned with my mind.

( To be continued)

Photo credit: Pexels.com