Friends like family


You came as a ray of light,
Made my life cheerful and bright,
Showering your affection over me
So that my face was full of glee.
Taking away my complete loneliness
And giving me back all the happiness
With a Midas touch of your care
To keep me away from despair.
I’ll never leave you midway,
And tales of our bond people will say.

                     By Shishir 

Friendship is an impeccable combination of thinking and accepting the flaws,
An ode to friendship begins where eyes of the heart meet the actual needs,
All understanding, all believe, all efforts,
Simplify and stir up the unerring devise of friendship and being a good friend.
In the world full of delusion, there are some beautiful souls out, who not only accept your silence over the conversation but also understand it.
Friends become family and this bond outwits all the constraints.
Love and care from your loved ones comes in wholes, not halves, not thirds.
They are the one, always there for you and figure out the weirdness in your behavior,
Above all the things, hold you close to their heart and prioritize you,
And they mark their entry in your life, like a faint ray of hope,
Fulfills the emptiness in your life and adorn it with affection and satisfaction,
Takes away your complete discouragement and gives a plenty of reason to live your life as a whole,
Such adoration is a blessing comes directly from heaven and the angels above shower you with a touch of joy.
In the avenue of darkness, they guide you through when you need them the most,
And the tale of their closeness becomes an oath of never leaving them midway,
With complete utility and utterance of unsaid words reinforce the bond and tie the knot of friendship.
Contretemps always end with a mutual agreement, never a burn,
Poisonous words are forgotten and first impression do not become the last impression.
Life gets flourished with a showered love and ultimate happiness,
And friendship becomes itself a purpose of living, it has no other purpose.
For love, that gives you strength to fight with the world, but not let you down,
Appreciate them and let your best be for your friend,
Friends are life and for life, never leave them half away and never hold grudges more than two seconds.

Photo credit: Pexel