Hi All,

Well,I don’t know where to start,this is my very first blog after thinking for about million times finally decided to show my writings to you all and I hope you like them.
Before we move on to my blog here is a small intro about myself and what I do.

So,My name is Rudra Makwana,and it’s been pretty long since I started writing with no clear idea of where I got my inspiration.Words always entice me and I always had this feeling that there is nothing more powerful than words so eventually started penning my feelings  wrapped in words and sooner or later decided to show you all of it.I do not aim to reach somewhere with my written thoughts but just want to delve into them forever,for it’s a different world altogether.Apart from this love,presently I am studying and in final year of my graduation course.

So with only and only love,here is what I feel,hope to get your love back.Lets start together.
Thank You .