Sophia Von X

Author: Victoria Ray

Genre: Mystery, Thriller and Adventure

“Mystery is wrapped up in each and every word of the story”

Her peculiar choice in vocabulary and special attention to details not only bound up the interest of the avid readers but it also creates a mystery. It will take you to places. Reading Sophia Von X is like going on adventure uncertain about the destiny. Let’s get a peek inside the Sophia’s character before gripping inside the adventurous mystery thriller.

Sophia is an ardent historian and trained philosopher. A Sicilian woman with strong instincts. She is not only beautiful but also strongly believes in destiny.

Her destiny begin when she decided to go to Bingerbuck, Germany to visit the unique, recently discovered holy tomb of Christianity. Driving all the way from Sicily to Germany. She drove through Palermo that was her birth town ;an old city with new ways. The most intriguing fact about is that it is a blend of Greece, Italy, Arabia, France and Spain. It reconciled her childhood memories. Continuing to the path of destiny she stops onto the docks of Molo Beverlo, Napoli. Oblivion to the surroundings she was listing to Turandot.

In the midst of her journey she meets Luca and later they share the bond of friendship. And driving all along way to the Switzerland through the German countryside. She meets Thomas Von Essen; A man with a deep melodic voice and irresistible physique. From helping her to dig holy place, the birthmark on Sophia’s back suddenly aroused his interest in her.

The birthmark on the back of Sabina’s left shoulder – four intersecting lines: two black and two red Overlapping each other like a cross. While she felt safe with him unaware of his intentions. And Thomas convinced her to travel to Istanbul to visit Hagia Sophia with him where he already made arrangements. He was the man with dark secrets and mystery flowing through his veins.

“There the unrevealed has been revealed”

But unfortunately he dies in Istanbul. Along her journey she meets Nina, Lifen, Madison and Odette but in the recent incident Nina was no more between them and Sophia along with other women decided to travel to Marmara. Escaping from Istanbul was the only way to save their lives.

“You set Fire to my soul curated and crafted the love in my heart by fulfilling my longings & Cravings. But left me in vain with burning quest for answers and ignited the fire of curiosity. While my soul is still searching for you”

The other phase of her journey begins when she becomes the queen bee of 4ass team. Her journey from Sabina to Sophia changes with her transformation. FBI, police, Interpol; everyone was after her. While the other members of the group were able to hide their identities from investigation. She eventually realized that her life has become a rollercoaster ride but she loves every part of it. With the concealed covered facts of the bible the journey takes a new turn.

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