Softly my heart whispered

with shimmering emotions

His eyes that rhyme so whimsically

And the heart that resonates

Like the poetry of soul

Like a wind that reinvigorates itself

Waiting to be found

Somewhere in the raging sea

Somewhere in the calm ocean

Like rhyming of emotions

His voice is like a lullaby to my ears

Slowly and gently he came

Like a calm sea

And made his place in my heart

When my eyes met his, my soul felt all the emotions on the horizon of love

The air was soothing and his voice was calming

Like a gentle breeze of the ocean

And writing a dream journal

His mimicry, sweet smile and crossing of fingers did enchant my mind

On the idyllic beginning of day

He saw me from far away

I made a swift move towards him

And he looked at me with the glimmer in his eyes and breathtaking smile

His sweet gesture and tilting of head melted my heart

For a moment I got lost in the ocean of thoughts but my mind couldn’t stop admiring him

Like a magic sprinkled over

His voice is canopy to my soul

Softly my heart whispered

With shimmering emotions

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