“There’s no truly perfect person, but there is a way to find the right one

Waiting for you and my heart is trilling with the sound of falling raindrops like pearls sent slipping from the chain of string

Eyes are curiously looking for you

And change in the speed of wind made me ponder upon my thoughts and whispering voices across the street

As I watch and wonder your feet’s are moving towards the doorway and I can hear my name from your soulful voice

When my soul hears your voice and says your name it feels like strings pearl together

We two sit upon a throne of pearl

And the cloudless sky rhyming with the deep blue ocean is our canopy

The blue waves of water touching our feet and the waves are entwining with the white sand and crinkling with ecstasy and joy

In all their south sea pearls panoply

Glittering and glimmering in various hues of glossy white, silky silver and champagne

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