Little did I know him and little did he know me

Yet, we both are perfect for each other

Like a missing pieces of puzzle

Like a constellation formed in the sky

Like a shooting star we have come too far

Incarnation of emotions beneath the dazzling sky and sparkling wine

Where the blank canvas is waiting for the stroke of brush to paint a tranquil dream

Where the dreams are turning into reality

Like an old connection bonded together

Like a castle carved with stones, beads and mirrored glasses

Like a trail of neutral colours finding its way back to our souls

Looking at the endless tinted sky and deep blue ocean where the waves of water are touching our feet and going back to the ocean

And resting in his arms feels like coming home and eternal bliss

His pleasant voice and soothing touch awakens my soul

And makes my heart trill

To connect with me

@tintebyrudra- Instagram

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