Step up


Life is a staircase and ‘each day’ is a step on it. So, Step up!

          Stairs move as straight as finches  

Or else in circular curve out of curve, pausing the moment.

Like a circle in a spiral

At the edge, it seems to be carved in spirals 

Stairs sway at the height of each staircase 

Like a circulatory motion or to replay a dancing fire.

Before they go upward

They curiously move towards the new beginning 

Sometimes it goes up and gives hope

Sometimes, it goes down and takes away hope. 

It’s just a momentary moment 

Yet, surroundings seems to gleam with a stroke of luck 

Like a circle in a round has no end 

Carved in the artistry of wood 

Yet draped in a transparent tulle canopies 

As you go up that way 

Stairs seems to be curving out of the curve 

Like the new brush sweeps clean 

Perhaps they will lead to the splattered colours of canvas.

Each hour draws closer to dusk

Just up that way

Looking ahead is like opening a door that leads to a never ending creation 

Like a twist of luck 

As soon as you arrive the stairs get vanished

And the path seems to get entangled with unending dusk.

Like the growing roots of maples 

In the infinite limerence of life 

Where doors seems to deceive one with the growing shades of ever deeper nuance 

Painted black on black 

Like the mountain staircase of night 

Yet all things return back 

And all that is gravitating around you shall begin to make it up to you 

Like the sky beckons the moon yet, each dawn draws closer to infinite possibilities 

Beneath the straight stairs 

The secrets unleashed though the shingle of caves and dive through ceiling 

Where all things seems to be revealing and resonating with the sunshine 

Yet the stairs moves as straight as flinches 

Like the shaking silence and cloudy canopy 

Stairs move into circular motion 

Pausing on the final stair

Turning motions into shape 

Moving along the circular curve 

Halfway to the earthly canopy 

Strolling down the avenue 

All at once from above 

Beyond the imagination 

Lifting our hearts and soul 

Like magic it seems and stairs move as straight as flinch.

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19 thoughts on “Step up

  1. Dear Rudra,
    Your excellent command over the language staggered me to a large extent.The way you’ve taken the assistance of staircase to indicate to the debacle and opulence that is mingled with one’s life is truly unparalleled.

    Liked by 1 person

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