Parody of creation


  Each day
Our little
Pearl of innocence
Is like a leaf moved
By universal winds.

    By Poetic T

Clouds hovering and lingering over the cold day filled with crevasse of silence and familiar voices were filling the void,
His breath tasted like a combination of weed, scotch whisky and mimosa.

Deep sensation and a tendril layer of fluid like liquid was flowing through her veins and suddenly the crashing waves of his luscious lips drowned her in the sea of love,
Like a scarlet rose with a heartwarming fragrance sweet yet filling mind with fermentation process of love,

Sizzling love is flaming up and filling her with flames of scarlet desires and mixing with the flow of her blood,
Magnetic moment of infra red waves of sea is pulling her up and pulling her out the passionate love is speaking the language of love and web of expressions are glistening the scattering light,

Myriad thoughts are consuming the mirage of imagined moments and colliding with the blood cells and splitting widening the scope of momentary moments,
Mixing with the innocence of thoughts and intensity of mind,
A flawless beauty and evil grin with the disquieting smile is encircling and gripping them,

Wine red lips are dripping and dragging the dewdrops of blood and pulling back each other with a sheer happiness,
Wild temptations are themselves narrating a story of devotion and dreams forming imagination with dripping honey and milk,
Soft yet gentle petals of roses are ascending and awakening the tingled senses,

She is melting in his arms like a fulfillment of tantalizing whiff of desires,
Heavenly and marvelous
To the infinity and beyond the spell of magic is giving rise to incite waves of ocean,wild yet endless.
Delicacy of lips are exploring the lusciousness of mimosa yet tender drill of love and kisses are enticing the moments,

Hooking her up and making her obsessed with the exceptional taste of universal love yet creation of mind,
Slowly and gently;
His hands gripped her and his arms grabbed her waist,
Pressing her towards the wall, whispered the Parody of creation of renowned identity of newly formulated love,

Diving in the elation of intimacy of mind, body and soul,
Love is an illusion of noble mind yet a magnificent illustration.
As he glance at her, the coruscating beauty is forming a curve and molding her into him,
His charm never fails to fill the void of her mind with winding up thoughts yet making her blush and seeing her dancing on the rapturous love is his desire.

His deep caressing and reaching to the back of her and conquering the depth of her mind.
Processed magic of distilled love particles are distillery producing a mash of passion making the heart pound and soul awaken.
Converting and producing the fermentable substances of substrate belongingness and the growing love is making her head over hill,

Distilling and vibrating with the flow of high evaporated energy that is going down through her spinal chord and making her converging yet generating warmth and care.
Releasing her stress and anxieties yet heart desires are exploding like a volcanic eruption and making them high in love.

Wide spreading the magic of wholly matured love through the raving talks and ornamenting to the meadow of heart,
Renovating and retaining the nuance of red and enhancing the taste of lips by exchanging and pulling the luscious lips filled with dew drops of scotch whisky.

Connoting and connecting the knots of love with a zeal of excitement reaching to the peak of higher ecstasy.
Persuading and permitting each other to explore the wildness behind the darkness of souls,
As the treasure is always kept sacredly in the darkness where even a ray of light cannot reach to it.

The fondness of going beneath the depth and outshining the particles of love leading them towards the crush of lips adding infra red magnetic beauty to it.
Slowly and gradually

He grabs his neck to free his twisted fingers through the depth of her hair and allow her to lead the way and his intertwined trail and recognized smile wins her heart
And eventually all the moments becomes memories of unforgettable moments and imaginary imagination.

As her forehead feels the tender flow of love with the lightness of his lips and slowly encircling her again and leaning over her yet now her head is laying over his heart,
Remembering and recognizing the beats of hearts

Gradually, the hovering and lingering clouds are beckoning fulfilling them with a crevasse of silence and familiar voices are filling the void.

Photo credit priscilladupreez from unsplash


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20 thoughts on “Parody of creation

    1. Wow! I am immensely happy to hear that. You explained the whole concept behind the poetry. I really appreciate your words. Yes, tried to portray all the emotions. Thank you so much! Bravo.💓😊

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