Red is the color of my love,
Red is the blood flowing through my veins,
Red is the color of my passion,
Red is the dance in the ocean of love,
Red is the love, I feel for you.

Red is a symbolic mnemonic of passion yet, it gets disposed in an ethereal mannerism that it combines passion with fire within,
And, a vision of scornful memories gives inclination to a notion of prevalent deliberation of yearning.

Red is the color of darkness yet, the reflection of its dispersion always enthralls the light within.
It’s enticing and elegant touch accords and recurs the feeling of completeness yet, it is full of life.

Just like a mirror, it always reflects your inner beauty, yet, it is not silver and exact, but it reflects the true being without forming any perception.
It lacks identity yet, its true beauty never fails to astonish beautiful souls out.

And just like a dark rose with malleable petals and indelible scent composed of the aroma of extensive zeal.
Red is the hue that coruscates through the soul and gives rise to distinct touch and contented feel.

Its soft petals drop on the fingertips and hypnotize eyes yet, it’s unbelievable beauty makes everyone falls in love with it.
Red enthralls the feeling of cheerfulness yet, it is presented in each and every form of creation.

It flows through the veins and reach to the peripheral of circulatory movements through the pulmonary valves and ventricles of the heart in the form of blood cells.
Red is the color of blood yet, it consist a fundamental reality of life as the flow of blood unveils the urgency of zeal,

With the extensive proclivity of yearning, life throws shadows also in the form of crimson hue that gets mixed with red,
On the path full of combined passion, and obstacles in the form of thrones, sometimes, it overpowers and consumes the life, but the light within guides us and follows us throughout the journey,

Red is the hue that appears when the sunrises yet it gets mixed with orange hues and, becomes complementary with chroma and reflects the saturation of filtered hues.
And a little pigment of it appears at the time of sunset also but, gets mixed with the layer of crimson hue and grabs the attention by forming different gradations in the sky.

Red is the color that enhances the beauty and adds a sparkle of gleam and glamour, and makes everything looks admirable.
Particles of red hues are presented in the form of raspberries and strawberries, they are the evidence of invention of cherry blossom love yet, the intensity of its hues makes everyone gasp, and it is elaborated as breathtaking.

Unaware of the abundance of knowledge, some have lived the little moments in the most presentable form of exterior love and some have lived it as well as explored the vast surface behind the external love,

Yet, red is the color that transforms the world, and words of a person who has explored and experienced both the forms of love, and best of both the worlds are always filled with depth, and acknowledges love as the most beautiful invention.

The surface beneath the gradation of red color fills the mind with a huge imagination of living and exploring it.
Yet, it is judgmental and the perceptions are formed on the basis of previous experiences and lifetime memories.

From beginning to ending, fantasy never remains unchanged as love is the most eccentric invention that it gives different experiences with every other person, yet in the eyes of the beholder, it remains one and the same thing.
Red is the color that is formed on the cheekbones after making a cherry blossom love.

And the innocence flows in the most purest form of divinity, yet, it fled away with the pace of time and later, it conjures up on the satin piece of clothing.
Red is the color of lips that adds beauty to the soul, adds sparkle to the eyes, and reunites two different individuals.

When, the softness of the lips, touches the lips of a significant other, it’s magic appears in the form of a type of sparkling wine, and holds a promise of forever.

Red is the color of togetherness as it enables the reunion of two different personalities, and makes them significant other, and it produces a heat between them, that makes a rose bloom and mirror jealous.

And, through the process of fermentation of forbidden love in the most reoccurred forms, that burst in a layer of effervesce and ecstasy of bliss in the form of red hues combines passion with fire.

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17 thoughts on “Red

  1. It is my motto to see people happy and whatever i write,it revolves aroun this theme.If you want to be more happy,do read my maximum posts( 124 in number).They will change the perception of your life,if not anything else!

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    1. It gives me immense joy to hear such touching comment from you! And glad to hear that. Red is the sign of CONFIDENCE too. Yes, indeed. ❤️
      Thank you for your compliment. It made me really happy! 😊


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