Rhythm of heart


“Play me.
Play me like piano keys.
Play me piano, pianissimo.
Play me forte, fortissimo.
Play me like a song, gently.
Play me with feeling.
By Dorotea

Fingers dance on the rhythm of heart beats along with the keys and beats,
It’s beats echos in the ear and emotions gets rhymed up in the mesmerizing beauty composed by heart as transparent as a crystal,
With every tune played by fingertips, the fingers experience the melancholy yet the composed tune lyrics perfects it’s beauty and a string appears that connects the heart to mind,
And a deep thinking takes me beneath the surface of my subconscious mind and my curiosity harps a question mingling with the words known by my mind yet expressed by heart,
Squealing and clinking keys are composing a perfect music,
Fluttering and flittering,
Choreography of key strokes are gracefully playing notions of day to day life emotions,
Like a rollercoaster ride, enchanting keystrokes are sometimes composing a high pitch tune and sometimes low pitch tune yet making the soul happy,
Bittersweet tunes with dazzling harmonies euphony making it lit,
Dripped in a nuance of emotions each verse and stanza is playing a unique composition making it capable of reaching behind the outer interior of eyes
Intense yet mighty enough to impact the chorus of mind,
Finger trails are brushing different variations through black and white keys,
Black keys are forming a perfect background for rhyming and white Keys are painting a vivid image yet a composition is incomplete without each other,
Gradually and gently,
An enchanting personified music is reaching to the depth of pianissimo keystrokes,
Suddenly, a change in breathing and trailed fingers is giving rise to crescendo and soothing song,
Diving in the depth of the mahogany emotions and bubbling out the poured words on the black and white keys with the harmonic strings,
The depth of words has no surface and drowning the mind in the waves of ocean and tides are allowing free flow of thoughts traveling inside,
Sparkling each and every corner of the room with highest waves of the ocean,
Movements of keys are expressing the eloquent innermost formed words with a constant bliss,
The echoing beauty is flowing with a melody in correlation with strings and a sweeping of fingers are fluently playing the composition.
One can’t get enough of it as it echoes in the heart as long as you want it and it inspire to aspire more,
Listen to the tendril drill composed by beats of heart and pedestal makes it shimmer,
Beautiful wrapped up emotions in the form of rhymed music sharing the beauty with the soothing movements of fingers and humming a voice that can be only felt not heard,
Heart; transparent and tangible like a crystal yet it’s depth cannot be measured and lyrics composed by each beat gets recorded in the chords of gentle strokes,
From the functioning of the keys and movements of fingers, a pianist lives for the moments that calms her soul,
Descended from the heart strokes to the gentle feel of keys leads the pianist to paint a vivid and live image,
Playing a piano is like a wild imagination that takes you away from the reality of life and you wish to get more of it,
But the composed tune is the conveyor of heart that echoes in mind and rhythmically the enchanting experience becomes prestigious and prideful,
Whilst, leaves the mind wondering over the inevitable beauty of fingertips that dance on the rhythm of heart beats.

Photo credit: https://static.pexels.com



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