“My soul is whacked
My smile is hiding my deepest exasperation,
And my mask has evanesced the veracity behind the agony”

Behind her inveigle silence,
Her eyes were catching the peripheral view through the window of the heart to the soul,
Beyond the mask, the whacked soul is frowning with the unforgettable vague memories,

Present moments are the mirror to her soul,
Her innocent thoughts are truly reflecting her and turning into abrasion,
She is shriveling up behind her prettiest smile yet she is wearing mask made of happiness and her mind is tricking everyone,

The masquerade is gripping her with both the hands yet her determined eyes are playing hide and seek,
She is masked with the crimson mask yet it is reflecting every color and hiding her deepest cravings,

Being stuck in the deepest chamber of her heart, making her gasp.
Suddenly the voice in the wilderness whispered to not separate the mask made of happiness,
But her soul whispered to listen to her inner voice,

In such enigma, her inner voice underneath the soul is exposing her but the masquerade is trying every possible thing to not let her inner voice come out,
Her mask made of happiness is hiding everything she has went through yet she has become a prisoner of her memories,

Her pale fingertips is gathering courage to go beyond the rules of society yet her mind is whirling and bringing close the shattered pieces fell on the floor,
Her unprejudiced dreams are flowing and her inner exploration of soul is looking for an escape,

An inevitable move is enlightening her and beyond the limits of perfection she has gained enormous knowledge of her innerbeing and setting her soul on fire,
Her surreal reality is allowing her to let go of social biases,

Let it go and let it fly,
Her heart is feeling the waves of happiness traveling through her mind,
Making her free from the burdens of the society, she is exploring her true self and peering upon her inner-being broadening her mind and opening her eyes,

Upon her deep reflection and true revelation, her mind is capturing her true self,
Peeling away the mask, the inner light within her soul making everyone blind,
Like a silver lining appears in the sky, listening to her soul has prevented her from inner suffering yet it is a mindful decision that took away her innocency.

Gloominess is fading away from her life yet it has made her soul bare just like cavity
Her mood is infesting and interpreting her thoughts,
Secrets are hauling off like a cherry blossom love spill the beans yet her daring nature is not allowing her to hide behind the darkness,

Her naive look with determined eyes makes her look like a feather yet she has become strong and hard but her innocency flows through her penned thoughts,
Catch her, if you can.

The definition of perfection has changed for her and now she needs no one’s approval to be her,
She has separated a facade of whims planted peculiarly on her sealed lips,
The curve formed by lips are reflecting each and every shade of crimson,

Each nuance and hues made of masquerade crimson color is transferring into the bright nuance that are flourishing her mind with the imagery of contentment,

The questions that are prevailed by the depiction of releasing her soul from the unbiased comparison of imagery and personification of life,
Rebuilding the deepest cravings and tough aspects of her life,

The prevailed comparison is gravitating around the inner surface of her brain yet her soul is strong enough to let go of what’s bitter and personification is giving her new identity to design her life the way she wants it.

Her inveigle silence is turning into predefined silence that is making her feel cozy,
Her power of deep understanding and exploring her inner self is becoming her strength,

The journey from innocency to audacity has shaped her life and her most powerful weapon is her silence.

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