The bottom of the sky is setting subtle with the variance of the waves of cinnamon red,
Azure formation of the sky is transforming into the tint and shades of orange and red hues,
Beyond the horizon within and between a faint ray of yellow hue is adding the beauty beneath the surface of sky,

Whimsical formed sky line is reminding of the lost beauty that was appearing a couple of minutes ago,
A stray wisp of formed hues are giving a distant view of the beauty that could only appear for sometime.

Silently and utterly the view gets desolate and the unraveled secret of enchanting beauty captured by the eyes of heart and makes viewers spellbound.
Very profoundly the sky is setting and clouds are turning towards dusk,

From dawn to dusk, the sky line disappears and paint the shore of horizon with a shades of mulberry and lavender,
Periwinkle nuance is ornamenting the sky and time is going just like Silhouette,
Beautiful silhouette in warm sky is giving hope of a better future,
In the darkness of the sky standing beneath the striped red and violet ray of light,

Darkness on darkness on darkness,
Burning fire in the hearts are the evidence of the fading dusk,
Souls made of stardust shall not stifle the realm of burning fire,
Darkness within soul is setting up the view in the clouds,
That would soon disappear and separation would not allow them to find the roots of lost connection,
It would take forever to establish such connection,

Establishment on establishment on establishment,
Mutinying distance is giving the panoramic view of the lost beauty during sunset,
Silhouette is embellishing the root cause of the lost connection,
Reunion of stars in the sky forming the shape of unachievable dreams,
Is it a coincidence or significance of lost connection that is finding roots to reconnect.

Reconnection on reconnection on reconnection,
Stardust souls are finding their way back to each other,
The reunion only lasts for a couple of moment and darkness of heart has consumed mind.
Contagious mind holds a promise of forever.
Such a predicament whether to pick up the broken pieces of heart or to do a fresh start.
New beginnings are calling and the new day will start within a few hours,

Beginning on beginning on beginning
Deep cravings are touching beneath the surface of the soul,
Forming and shaping the uncertain future.
Just keep moving forward as it is the only alternative left.
Formed shapes are unknowing shaping and creating the stardust souls world yet again,
The heat between them is a slope that is going upward and broken pieces are forming the heart again.

Slope on slope on slope,
Upward slope is connoting the way and guiding souls towards light,
Burning desires are inkling with the burning fire in the heart.
Giving rise to old flame yet building new connections.
It is inscrutable to define yet new beginning is always painful and filled with difficulties.

Flame on flame on flame
Setting souls on fire and leading mind towards the newly formed connection,
It is not as profound as the old connection yet giving positive vibes,
The positive vibes would fill stardust souls with the adventure yet the twinkling stars are changing their direction,

Direction on direction on direction,
Vibrating hearts and positive vibes are calming down the surroundings.
Wind is changing its speed and tantalizing moments are taking place,
Leaving hearts bare yet stretching high above the sky,
Eyes on stars and feet on ground yet imagination of unseen future is heartwarming.
Filling the center of heart with the trail of colors.

Imagination on imagination on imagination
Simultaneously, the beating hearts are the outcome of turning imagination,
Deep inside the curiosity of thoughts and eagerness to see the stardust souls together is making sky eager.
Eagerness to enjoy the glory of togetherness is bringing them closer,
Diving in the twilight beneath the strings of heart,
The bottom of the sky is setting subtle with the variance of the waves of cinnamon red.

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