One and only love


Dedicated to my love. It happens very rarely when you find the man of your imagination. As  I imagined a man with a prominent eyes and the one who deeply moves me and I got the man of my dream. So, I would like to dedicate this poem to my love as I am very fortunate to have him.  I won’t take long so I hope that you all enjoy reading it.

He is her one and only love and his words are a pearl of wisdom that she couldn’t get out of her mind,
He is the one she could completely rely on.
His personality is kind yet powerful,

Like Dior perfumes are formulated by collecting roses and then their fragrance is translated into an iconic fragrance of Dior that implies a persuading yet strong trait of a human personality,
His strong personality and sharp eyes makes her fancy running into him,

Yet his love is as mysterious as dark roses as he never expose his love but it’s something that provides a life like picture,
He is a man of her deepest desire yet imagining him is a mere playful imagery that creates a tinge of moments in a depth of her brain,

His luminous lips and mystical smile creates a rhyme to a music composed by the lyrics of her heart,
He is like a song composed by beats of her heart that she can’t take out of her head.
His words echoes in her mind like a sweet melody.

Sweet yet fills her mind with an enormous knowledge of a mature love,
Love that is complex yet holds something within it that calms the soul,
He ignited the fire within her soul but never let a flame touch her.

He burn himself to lit a fire of utmost desires like a candle is made of cold wax but when it is lighted by a flame of fire, it comes to its original form,
He’s a natural drug that makes her high but has cure of all her uncertainties and the one she can’t get over.

He has opened her heart to the new possibility of undefined future that everything she has ever wished for is worth it.
Yet the flow of his love is creating and shaping her world,
Holding his hand and gazing in his eyes takes her to the ecstasy of mind that makes her feel like a living dream,

His arms are strong enough to hold every fear and insecurity of her yet her delicate heart is craving for more,
Her sensuality is his responsibility and indulging in his beliefs is like twirling and dancing in the ultimate felicity,
The trail of his fingers calms the soul of a woman who wish to travel in the untravelled parts of his mind,

She keeps reading books and furnish her mind with a proclivity of knowledge but she has yet to discover a word that could accurately describe his generous heart and mysterious mind,
His love is so powerful that when his eyes meet hers, something deep inside touches her and deeply moves her,

And at that moment, her heart beats a little fast and allow him to push her to a limit where she let him pour his love.
She couldn’t help but his perspectives are deeply impacting her life,
The way he pour his words between the center of her heart brings her one step closer to him everyday,

And creates a pause between a movement of blinking and his eyes deeply records her facial expressions in the cam-recorder of his eyes.
His perspectives of life fascinates her and makes her mind wide open to explore the world beneath the depth,

It’s a depth of his heart and the secret behind his smile that holds the treasure within.
Yet she makes her goals accessible and achievable and digging hard to find the universal truth behind love,
His presence adds meaning to her life and she wants to grow in his love,

He is her inspiration and the glory of his love lights up her world,
She is a woman that don’t let any other guy come close to her but her man is her ultimate desire,
This man doesn’t just make her feel complete, he completes her.

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