The glory of Jaisalmer (India)

This picture is from golden fort itself. The statue is wearing a dress made of gold. Similar clothes queen used to wear.

A queen’s palace and an ancient fort,
Known by the name golden fort.

Located in a city of gold that is called Jaisalmer,

So far, it has become a gravestone worth visiting,

And a prominent tourist destination,

It is a palace full of magnificent
artistry of the stonemasons and artwork.

It is carved by a massive wall of sandstone,

And it depicts the color of a tawny lion during a day time,

It begins to appear to fade in a honey golden hue in the dusk ,

By camouflaging the gateway of the fort in a golden desert

The glorious flow of beauty grabs the attention of so many people.

And remains in the eyes of the beholder.
It leaves its visitors pondering over such beauty beneath the blue sky.

Apart from its beauty, the description of its queen’s beauty has captured the heart of plenty of people.

It’s a saga of braveness and a twist of beauty.

She is a queen of Jaisalmer and a brave Rajput woman,

Known for her beauty and courage,
Thus, aspired by many.

She is treated as a royalty and being called as Ranisa,

She made the edge of her sword as her strength,

Her words carry the same power as her sword,

On the arrival of another kingdom ruler,

When the Jaisalmer Fort was taken over by the king of another kingdom,

She self-immolated herself, but pursued her one and only religion,

By the act of self-immolation, she has kept her religion sacred.

It’s a queen’s palace and an ancient fort.



11 thoughts on “The glory of Jaisalmer (India)

  1. I have lived four years of my childhood in Rajasthan and visited all the major cities. It a beautiful and majestic place with beautiful sand dunes, majestic forts, and architecture and even sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine to complement it.

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    1. Wow, that’s amazing.Visiting there is an enchanting experience and thank you so much for sharing your experience. Next time, I would visit to more places there. 💓

      Liked by 1 person

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